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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 9: May, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

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                             Oflicial Organ of the Wisconsin State Horticultural
Vol. I                                               May, 1911          
                                    No. 9 
  MinllBtilly ibe rtfinhtd itiln hIppy 
without a g.arden. he iitay even hove 
it hole without tl tree. <,r o l-'hrl, oir 
flower; yet whent thit ('reatmir wisl,,',l 
to preopare i p)rtoper hlill(e ftr itiel he 
piinte,  it a ird(el, :11)(  pho-ed  this 
noble speciien of treplt'   eii,,,w('r ill 
it, to, dresýs find keep, it. 
  The   ,plice,  ill  frontt  of  the!  h<o,t',ý, 
mid gv(nenrlly  the' ..io4,.s e'xpose'd  t,. 
view  front the stree(t, sh,)old he4 ill 
  (mle grealt Itlist~itk  that is hftill 
Made,, is, to lit(ermlly  iove'r thIt he xli 
with trees Hilld1 I'lrtihiryir gr. its'r,;  a -i 
no)t grow  wv(dl 11111lgll  thl(-  root)s  oilt 
iiiler  the  slailihws of  trn,.s tit 
shrubs; tilt(, Iniih  piirt o)f thet htwo 
should beti left imiriun iiyl ally trte 
ritt s   tl,,t T'illi shrl tl(ery  Sh li Isu . 
Ii clumllps  ()I" grolups  ill  ])ro~pir  phic4e,, 
ondl -,I thic.k ;I.,;  to)  cove'4r  ;ill  the, 
"round ; the so~il otndor thtfIn shold)( 
he kept( c'tltivatvlt lid cnl e(1'mi.  Do<  if,,! 
(et the. hulshle ill hbohes dog ill dh(  od,,. 
  lher4e ill oulr I)(lotlierrn  ýtilh, wheltr 
tt he ,seree w iill ters .tset ill eli Ily  ;1 
list h] " tlt iltll)tilt' is hlust ihiit  ill 
t he (-irly spring    its thtost  tlt t(ted  ill 
thii ft ll  doI It  liii',,iit flic'i t tlt lx - 
while lt r 
t'I;i]  to  (I 
xx iii , It r 
Dielytra or Bleeding Heart thrives in any part of the Hardy Border. p. 2
t,, ýht ldIt ll et 4  r(''.  c'')Id  re  : 1  ( I  l)ld  V ol  l ')II,)
tt(,  (he  l( t, w hite:, 
iitg" ph ti4t s-hrtb, tti is  rarely  ititl  is  (,-;)('( i  :I I IYx
 %I I It)ahllt  gni tr)wi  l 
I,, well if t,  I I ley  ýlre  I ,   lit ;)   iu'l ,  l i  ii llwo
  ;  l; i b rdh r tl f  the 
111:11t.                 i's  Co li<l l hw> l rlt - ', n ) ]hit ]-:1hh1r
iý :I ploh <ilig 
                              -itdht whcl~i illI'll]] lHo+mo: 1ll, (;,ohhett
~ehh ,. Ilydh'illge,:l  ;i,1  ,litr- (1ll: 
vtory ))[(,osili'  gr'rllps<. 
  .Ml1111v  rolpid  g'ro, oill,  It(,e .  111:1.\  k), 
otilize ;,l  +. .hrilh,.  hy  ,'ottil-"  thel)( l  ,111' 
fit.:IF,  tith,  g ol't ltld(  e,\' rvý  or,;l  v) 4\cry 
,,oiher  yeour  :Iod,  ;Illw i~ll" ymi)lig."  -hl ,,l's 
Io , r, )w.  T he'  lut<ll-d   ,liml ,(.rý  1111 t 
lod, I  eI(+  l',)v tlh' .  TIlw",  f'orl i--1  th1w 
I Ir:  11( 'ry  -, f  I < If(-  ;In h'e  ;11)),1I (-1 x h .  o  (u.e 
1l1:1111 c( I '4 vt  be ttI cr  ,o\'  :'y. ;l- . ) I-,   . 
           Peonies are Old-time Favorites thi 
Plant in borders itit the sidet of the 
lI'wn, in the citrner by the steps, in 
front of the porch, tit the corner of 
tlh(t house, almost anywhere ex.eltt it 
the center of the lawn. 
at ought to be in every Garden. p. 2 
   llhl~ntilig  to)r' t (  trlt('  toll  fly  ('11tilting 
   biwl(k,  ilnid  ti]le  brlý(),til  ro)+tS  relilo el4)( 
   xxith it sllitrtt knifie.  Iliht only thtoise' 
   thait iire hardly ai    ret ommendish, Iby 
   oulr Exp~eriment Staition if, such, :is 
             I   .lit'," \ I \ l . 
 T hitit'l t-i   ,,ift  tl ,,' II , i , h ,,''  ,,I  11 lxi Y 
 kt( i'I il I',xfulit ;I lil,, tiliietlx ;l tturt'- 
 ore  ir,  moIt o.t iit(d f',,r tthx ' ;it  u 
 whetr(,  ;I  coi,)u lillto,,).  Iom,w  of 
 tor ret'tlty fulr'ti~lo it-t :It-itter lx] ' li,'tti- 
 -it'r, bnut shttitld hi' litt tad rY theim- 
s4,lv4,s ill it bl)i)dr ill ;I s,)(,whilt re - 
tired p)o)'t ,. the gi'urdh'n.  Th'lly <h1) 
not() l oh~ .,"<lo  Ill(e  first  vyeilr  fro)ll  -c4  d,I 
hlot, merely grow :111dI g'ihtr ..tore o)f 
strtength Ih r next stInnnerlr flo)w4,rilig. 
Th'I' st,(,d mity lie+ own\v ihl (irl.v ";J)rllg' 
l,)l ;1lI  the  -Ihrllhs  wtti  trcv('  listcd,  ;I., 
IhIrId y  Ill ;'tl,      Ire' har1dyv ill o)ur 
s tiltc. Am,\]ofg" 'ol' of lhe Ihosinil'lh 
shrubs ;irc' th( ';rw   Sq)iro4l-,_..,f- 
th,,ny \\'tl4r4er iý, the, best, <'riL1 o~r' 

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