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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 6: February, 1911,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.4 MB)

Page 16

The Great 
Nursery Co. 
       Sells First-Class 
   Wisconsin Grown Trens 
   Our Trees Live. We had an oppor. 
 tunity to compare 500 Wisconsin 
 grown trees with a similar lot of an East 
 tern Nursery. At the end of the season 
 only 52 percent of the eastern grown 
 stock was alive while 95 percent of ours 
 lived and grew. Moral: Buy home grown 
 stock and avoid loss. Our trees are 
 hardg and our stock is healthy. A com- 
 parison will prove that our stock has not 
 the willowy and watery soft growth of 
 southern or eastern grown stock. 
 Every tree and shrub is packed entire- 
 ly under cover, free from exposure to sun 
 and wind. 
 Great Northern Nursery 
 Company, BaraDoo, Wis. 
 Write for Catalogue and Price - List. 
Three rousing big crops of 
 Altalf a 
We have sold enough of 
thiss ed n tnsow half-- 
million acres ai 
every purchas 
has been enth 
siastic about 
Ex-Gov. W. 
Hoard of Wisco 
sin writes "I li] 
.he quality of y, 
Alfalfa Clover, 
much. On 30a 
I raised over 
$2500 worth of 
Alfalfa flay. 
There is no 
better money 
crop that I 
know  of.'' 
  You sow Salzer's Northern Grown Alfalfa and 
get three rousing big crops, in May, July and 
Auulst, besides having the best of pastures. It 
will do this on any farm in America where 
Timothy will grow. Get full particulars. Write 
for our 1911 catalog. It's free. 
   Here's our great trial collection at one cent 
a package, composed of Speltz, the cereal and 
hay wonder, Silver King Barley, a world beater with 
173 bu. tier acre, Bonanza Oaf-swon four farms in 
1910 biggest sworn to yield 259 Bushels per acre! 
Billion Dollar Grass, the ten ton grass wonder, 
Salzer's luxuriant Alfalfa, and five other packets, 
all ten for toc in stamps. Write for this collection 
today and we'll also send you a free copy of our 
great 1911 catalogue. 
268 South 8th St., La Crosse, Wi8. 
Arsenate of Lead, Lime-Sulphur Solution 
          Fully Comply with most rigid requirements of Insecticide Act of
  Grasselli Arsenate of 
Lead is being successful- 
ly used to destroy all 
leaf-eating insects, such 
Codling   Moth, Potato 
Beetle, Curculio, etc. 
  The Grand Sweepstake 
prize of $1000 for the 
best carload of apples 
shown at the National 
Apple Show, Spokane, 
Washington, has been 
won by users of Grasselli 
Arsenate of Lead for the 
last three years. 
  Grasselli Lime Sulphur Solution is the Standard remedy for San 
Jose Scale. It has also come into prominence as a summer spray to 
replace Bordeaux Mixture. 
                  For Further Information Write 
The Grasselli Chemical Company, 
The 6rasselli Chemical Co., Est. 1839 
  Milwaukee, Wis. 
Main Office Cleveland 
   ..... NUFF SAID 
My prize matings will be better than ever this year. My birds win for me
and my 
customers. Big Layers, Big in Size, Shapely and Stylish, all white. Eggs
per 13. Write to A. C. H A N S 0 N, Wyandotte Specialist, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
The best plant-maker, most healthy, vigorous, productive, and tl e best selley
of forty varieties grown by us the past eight years. The, La Follette is
a seedy' 
ling of President McKinley and originated in our nurseries, being selected
several thousand seedlings grown by W. .1. Moyle as the best in the lot.
have tried it out under all conditions, and it has proved a winner every
out yielding all others, being large, firm, good color ahd bringing the top
price on the market. 
           Price 50c per 12, $2,00 per 100, $15.00 per 1000 
           50 and 100 Rates by Mail Postage Paid 
Special  Offer   to   Readers   of  the   Wisconsin    Horticulture 
To every one picing an order for 100 La Follette strawberry plants before
April the first we will give free any one of the following premiums. 12 
Stevens Late Champion strawberry plants, 5 Hardy grape vines assorted colors,
or 5 Dudley apple trees one year grafts. 
Wisconsin Nurseries, Union Grove, Wisconsin 
                      W.*J. MOYLE, Proprietor 
February, 1911 

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