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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 4: December, 1910,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.2 MB)

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                           Official Organ of the Wisconsin State Horticultural
Vol. 1                                          December, 1910          
                               No 4 
   Some heading that; but on the 
whole   not too   pretentious.  We 
thought, at first, of borrowing the 
head-line from the November num- 
her "Our Friends on the lill" in( 
we are a little sorry about it yet as it 
expresses the situation very nicely. 
  By way of explanatiin, not apol- 
ogy, we will say that thi, is .i  si, (' 
sense  a  University  of Wiscomsin 
iiumber; we want everyone of our 
members to become better acquainted 
with our fellow conspirators oit the 
hill and to that end we print this 
month their portraits and something 
of a personal nature about each. 
  The "subjects" may wonder when 
they read this where, when anid how 
we came into possession of their life 
histories and we will only say that 
though   well   informed  gentlemen 
there are many things they don't 
knew yet. 
       PROF. ,JAmES G. MOORE 
Associate Horticulturist, U. of IV. 
  Born at Shephard, iMich., in 1881; 
early education in the town and high 
school of Shephard, entering     the 
Mlichigan Agricultural ('ollege iin tOe 
fall of 1899.  After graduation in 
1903 he was placed in charge of the 
orchards of the H[orticultural De- 
partmient of the Michigan College. 
In I)ecember following he was ap- 
pointed horticultural editor on the 
staff of the Michigan Farmer where 
Ie remained for eight months, re- 
turniing to the Michigan    Agricul- 
tural' College for advanced work, re- 
ceiving his Master's Degree in June, 
1905. July, 1905, he accepted a po- 
sitimn as, Assistant in Tobacco Invll 
tigations and Instructor in 1Horticul- 
tire at the Irniversitv of Wisconsin, 
oince xlWhich time hie has been com- 
nected with the institution. 
  Prof. Moore's advancement to act- 
ing beamd of the Department follow- 
ing the nrsignation of Prof. E. P. 
Sandsten in .June. 11)9, was followed 
in June, 1910, by appointment ýis 
Associiate Profvs or of IHorticulture. 
Il 1910 IProf. Moore was granted the 
honorary degree of Master of Ilorti- 
culture by the Michigan Agricultural 
  Prof. Moore is well known to our 
members who attend the conventions 
amid we hope all others will make his 
acquaintance.  It is worth while. 
      AuGUsTrus J. Io(m mEmS, JR. 
      Assistant llorlici ltitrist. 
  Mr. Rogers was born in Milvau 
kee in 1885; receivedl his early eduica- 
tion in the Milwaukee sehools, en- 
tering the U-niversity of Wisconsin 
in 1903, and was graduated in 1907 
with the degree of Bachelor of Sci- 
ence   in  Agriculture. Upon    Mr. 
Rogers' graduation  lie became As 
sistant in Horticulture, and during 
the two succeeding    years in  con- 
nection with his work in the (topart- 
ment, pursued studies for the degree 
of Master of Science which      was 
granted him   in 190.   D)uring his 
connection  with  the  Hlorticultural 
Department lie has devoted his tinn, 
very largely to instructional work, 
experiient'ti breeding and nursery 
insl,,t lio,.  IDuriig  the  years  10S' 
and 1909 tte was chief Nursery and 
( )0n-hard Inspector. 
  Mr.  R~ogers' wvork :iiin  exleitii 
niental iireemliig  lines  ha1:s  len  very 
largely coneerned with tfie prodluc 
tion of forcing tomiatoes resistant to 
the mosaic disease. In this work lie 
has crossed tihe Cherry and Peach 
tomatoes with the common garden 
             1. G. Mllward 
timiato, 'rnd has secured marked re- 
suits. Ifie has also hmmeli carrying on 
soen  w'ork iuviwstigating the subject 
of production from  large and small 
seeds of pure strains. lIe is also do- 
ing in connection with the Depart- 
ment on Plant Pathology some ex- 
perimental work along   the line of 
controlling the  cabbage   rot.  I.'. 
Rogers' work in the future will be 
conifined almdst entirely to instruc- 
tional and investigational lines. 
        ,JA MEs (G. Al mVARD. 
     I listroclor  il  ltorlicalt ire. 
  l;orn in Madison, April 5, 1,S8. 
Attended graded and high school "i 
Madison, graduating in 1900. Gr., I 
uated from Short Course in Agricul- 
tore-h, class  ,f 190"2.  Entered Long 

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