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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 3: November, 1910,   pp. [1]-16 PDF (7.5 MB)

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November 1910 
   The different Agricultural Experi- 
 ment Stations publish bulletins at 
 least quarterly. Many of these re- 
 late to subjects of interest to our 
 members and we shall endeavor to 
 give lists occasionally of the ones 
 which seem to ns to be of greatest 
   The following have been received 
   Diseases of Cultivated Plants itt 
 Ohio, Prof. A. 1). Selby, botanist. 
 250 pp., Ohio Agr. Exp. Sta., Woos- 
   Part I., concerning plant diseases 
 in general, is an excellent treatis(, 
 on fungous diseases. 
   Part II. gives descriptions of hiun- 
 dIreds of diseases, with illustrations. 
 A valtable bulletin. 
   Special 131lletint No. 51. Michigan 
 Agr. Exp. Sta., East Lansing. Spray 
 Practice and Outline for Fruit Grow- 
 ITs.  Etustace & lettit. Ih; p)p). A 
 ,pray calendar with hints ott pre- 
 paring mixtures. We think it almtost 
 ;i good ais our Bulletin No. 19. 
   WItindl,reaks &  lfedges.   North 
 Dtakota Fxp. St a., Fitrgo, by C. B. 
 oValdrott. 11 p11. tnd 9 full page 
 Itt. I I-,; 
   The (Cottntryv Sl,]h, of ()hi. A. 
 Il. (ortltutt. Oltio Statl t University, 
 ('olitttus. A Idea fm- the 1)ittorment 
 4f cioitntry scthools. Good reading for 
 ",,Mie of our -iloihol offters. 
 Apple Orchard Siurvey of Niagara 
 ('ounty, New York,. ohn Craig. Cor- 
 )iell I'lltiversiy.t   I tlt:ia .  l)esirilies 
 ''relard cottditions in detail giving 
 o)st of productliion, etc., itt large alt- 
 !,he orclthtrds.  \Vorth reading. 
 (!ilssiflciltion (11f the Pel>(y. L. 1). 
 !:litvh'leh r,  (,ollriell  'I \'ll r iy  Stil- 
 l,]einenitiry  to  Bl/let(,in  254  ()ii  salnne 
 tlijt, e.t. All illdex or ittalog of siV- 
 ,ritll hundriil vnirieties  of  peoniy. 
 ",lihlable, to  ithe  slweeialist.  Does  liot 
 ive elitl tral ireeitiont .] i ltPisoninig oif Fruit 
 rees, by WV. 0. 1feadden, chentist. 
 Colorado Stiotion, Fort Collins.   A 
I rave ttrg itttit  ill  sili))oirt  if  eon- 
tlontions previously set forth tltat the 
heavy spraying of frtit trees in Colo- 
rado with arsenical poisons injures 
and destroys trees. Not nitith dan- 
ger in Wisconsin so far. We have 
failed to hear of tiny onle who hit.s 
sprayed too iuc/i. 
  U. S. Deepartutent of Agriculture. 
  Bureau of Chemistry, Bull. 101. 
The lime-Sulphur Wash       and   its 
Substitutes. A technical iliseussion 
if liite-sulphur anid various substi- 
ittCs. 'ToO many scientific terms for 
asy reiading but .ontains nitieh of 
  B/ureau oif litnt~iolo>gy. 
'The Asptaratgus Miner and 
stiartagus Beetles.   Briref 
,i lhint. 
Buill. (66. 
Notes oil 
butt ,x- 
   R{eaders of' Iicitt it ll ' ittli.:  itty  oii- 
 klinl coplics (If liny of Illi' iabove. For 
 ttie state iublictitions address l)irce- 
 lor, Agr. Exp. Sotation. 
   For I'. S. Dtepit. bulletins writi ti 
 Scir(itary of Agriiiliiriu. Wiaslhitg- 
 on, P. C. 
   We a~re for \Viscollsill first, ]lst 
 hnd all the tilntu. This itatits tite 
 Statte 1fortiiuiltttral Soviet.v \and its 
 itlieitl orgitl, NVIscONSIN  I[Otti'ttl- 
 11 RI.l  Th vdliti.r i f  tel itt le  is stll re- 
 lry of tlh  10her r (lid tni y fru llit the 
 i nll niier4  oir  oicftillls  -titjl  fri ts  itt 
 , ,licy t i vih r  will 6t , i  til l 1iii  oilt 
 ilhe jell. 
   \Visir olisin i-  godis iiti lli gh  for l iis. 
 Ini richlness  mlidl  dti\crsity  of' -oils  it 
 k' 11lilst]rlp'issedl 1iy (lily shite we know. 
 t)iutltli-uitts l folr hit( r Xhiiessfil and 
 lerofittbht rtisingt  lf fruir l t ip(p le s 
 lelit ai,  ill ainy  tither si t; t el.  Apletih 
 fi(ldlitg $3,)t to $7t)00 per brre, cier- 
 rics $400t()( $,,S0(0 and slialll fruits ill 
 like. proplortionl  toll only  hialf  Ilhe  flle. 
 ()llr nvaqrue-s  ito  intlrket. e, Iixt  dloor 
 to) tell iliillio)li peophl. :111 11ingry for 
 o~iir lilpllhs, cherrie,, andil berries, and 
 llhi.,  I'opllllilitn  to>  1be  d],ulh-d  in  2r5 
 ye~ars, ni'lihes WViscoinsin thle logicoi] 
 friiit  lu~is]ket'  of'  the,  iilpl r  M ississippi 
 I Iley. 
 (']ealm, first-class  barrel  alipples  (of 
 Ilhe kind., w uco(tll raiseĆ½ in WVisconsin 
 11:1i\'o sld oilthlie (I]li(ago) inlarket this 
 f, II lit $3.50 o  *l 4.(i0 per barrel midH 
ne(ver c11t11g2"i o>f  thie  righit  kill(. 
  ()itt hundrid tlhousand acres miight 
well bie pla1nted to fruit in this state 
next spring with it certainty of a 
niarket for the product at good prices. 
I)ont't worry   abtut   the  western 
boolier; we can buy an acre of land 
in Wisconsin. raise an orchard on 
it, pick, plck and market the fruit 
for lesi than it costs the western 
grower to get a single car load of his 
fruit to our markets. See D)ean Rus- 
sell's letter  in  this  issue. 
  So wiv say aggain we atre for Wis- 
ililnsin froin January 1 until tle (lay 
before the following New Year and 
we hope this is tie sentiment of 
every oie of our fellow Badgers. Is 
there t traitor tltiltofg Its. Put him 
  h Vis o lltll ihs 114) not keep,- to< 
good to keep+. 
Vincennes, Indiana 
W. C. REED, 
   Cherry Trees by the 
       100 or 100000 
The Growing of Cherry Trees 
has been our Specialty for 
Years. Our soil and method 
of growing produces a Tree 
that is not excelled by any 
one. Splendid blocks of two- 
year 5 to 7 foot trees and one- 
year 4 to 5 foot trees. Early 
Richmond, Montmorency and 
other leading varieties by the 
100 or car load. We also grow 
a general line of other Nursery 
stock. Personal inspection in- 
vited. Correspondence solicited 
Forest Hill Nursery 
George   Rentschler, Proprietor 
    Trees and shrubs for street and 
    lawn. Bulbs and hardy garden 
    plants. A full line of fruit trees. 
    bush fruit s and strawberry plants 
Madison       -   Wisconsin 

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