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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 1: September, 1910,   pp. [1]-8 PDF (3.6 MB)

Page 3

Septber 191 %0V  -Pt ,WJl SCONSIN  HORTICULT 
  Here is a plain and simple story 
of success told by a quiet and unas- 
suming man up Alma Center way. It 
      E. W. Sullivan, Alma Center 
was only after much persuasion that 
Mr. Sullivan   consented   to write 
:ubout himself, protesting that lie was 
a Wonidae r tile I 'evei to sonl(iWicIe lwave 
lived in Wisconsin for many years 
and we hope it will serve both as a 
stimulus to young men and food for 
thought to rainbow chasers. The pot 
of gold is not at the foot of the rain- 
bow, dear readers, it is right under 
your feet in the soil of good oli Wis- 
  "Iii 1884 I bought 80 acres of land 
and   commenced   to  raise  garden 
truck and berries. About 1894 I set 
5 acres of strawberries and from that 
time on have had from 5 to 7 acres 
of strawberries each year, also have 
been raising from  I to 5 acres of 
raspberries for the past tell years. 
Seven years ago I set 2 acres of ap- 
ple trees and have continued setting 
and I now have about 1400 trees. My 
seven-year-old trees bore  about 2 
bushels to tihe tree this year. I have 
never kept any accurate account of 
wlat I have sold but oii strawberries 
I think I have sold about $1000 a 
,ear for the past 15 years. I think 
(ii raspberries I have sold abdout $250 
per year for the past 10 years. 1 am 
just gettinig started in apples and 
iiot skilled in writing and yet we 
,!hallenge any of our members to tell 
inore in the same number of words or 
tell it more effectively. 
  Mr. Sullivan's letter may read like 
       Mr. Sullivan's Modem Home 
have had quite a few for the last 3 
years. Last year I sold about $250 
worth. I now own a farm of 200 
acres. I raise onions by the carload, 
also cabbage and beans. 
rence, Jr., of Sturgeon Bay; I. J. 
Coe, C. J. Telfer, Dr. W. T. Clark, 
0. B. Cornish and i J. M. lilager of 
Ft. Atkinson. 
           Conuinued on Page 7 
  "1 have b,ecn clearing about $2500 
Ier year for the last ten years over 
and above all expieises but I have a 
large garden and IIarin in cunnection 
with tlhe fruit. I started 25 years ago 
with $tOOO which I worked seven 
years to get, and today have 200 
acres of choice laud and have $19,000 
out at interest. Now if this is of any 
use to you you are welcome to it. If 
you are over this way stop and see 
Ine.          Yours truly, 
    NV,.  . SiU IIVAN. Alma (Center," 
  Thi  formation  of this company 
marks the b(egiiniig of a new era 
in Wisconsin horticult tire. We have 
had siiall commercial orchards for 
twenty-five years or more, but in 
nearly every case these are in con- 
eetion with general fariniiig   and 
this coinpany  has undert akh n the 
first co-operative venture in the state. 
  The full name of th e comipaniy is 
Thie  Sturgeon   lBay Orchard   and 
Nursery Co. '[lie i.ilpany is capi- 
talized for $40,000, the incorporat- 
Ors 1). 1. Binghiami aod A. W. Law- 

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