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Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association, et al. / Wisconsin D.H.I.A. record
Vol. IV (1937)

I. Production tested herds. Herds in at least their third consecutive year of D.H.I.A. testing,   pp. 8-9 PDF (359.0 KB)

Page 9

X Matulre305 Day, PRODUCING
e 4 X  3 2Zz aBsis  (Lbs. Butterfat)
m    >   Z  n
HERD OWNER                     -   I   Ed  i              oC5  i0
43 BALON, Cu E.; Fond du Lac (C.B.F.)  R&GG  6 21 18 37 679 5.11 347
S   To: i. Dos: W
Here we see that the herd owned by Chas. E. Balson at Fond du
Lac has been certified as free of Bang's disease as of July 1, 1937;
is made up of both registered and grade Guernseys; is in its sixth (6th)
year of continuous D.H.IA. testing; that in July 1937 it had 21 cows
of milking age and 18 cows with one or more lactation records re-
ported; that the 18 cows have a total of 37 records and that the aver-
age production level for the 18 cows is 6791 lbs. milk, 5.11%b fat, and
347 lbs. fat.
On the right a formula shows the number of living cows with
records falling in the following production levels. There were
1 cow with 249 lbs. or less   4 cows with 400-449 lbs.
1 cow with 250-299 lbs.      no cows with 450-499 Ibs.
8 cows with 300-349 lbs.     no cows with 500 lbs. or over
4 cows with 350-399 lbs.
This gives some idea of the degree of uniformity in production within
the herd.
Beneath the herd owner's name reference is made by index num-
ber to any Progeny Tested Sires used or Progeny Tested Dams in
that herd. Progeny Tested Sire No. 79 was proved, and Progeny
Tested Dam No. 10 and her daughters were tested in this herd. Both
the sire and the dam are still living.
The asterisk (*) after the number referring to the sire and the
dam indicates that they were still alive in July 1937.
A double asterisk (**) after a sires number indicates that he is
still in the herd under which his number is given.

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