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Barish, Lawrence S. (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1995-1996 Blue Book

The Wisconsin idea,   pp. [99]-194 PDF (38.7 MB)

Page 194

   The State Government of Wisconsin, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 139-147.
   Capitals and Capitols in Early Wisconsin, by Stanley H. Cravens, 1983-1984
Blue Book, pp.
   Some Landmarks in Wisconsin History, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 213-222.
   Wisconsin's Famous People, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 193-202.
   Wisconsin's Former Governors, 1848-1959, by M.G. Toepel, 1960 Blue Book,
pp. 67-206.
   The Indians of Wisconsin, by William H. Hodge, 1975 Blue Book, pp. 95-192.
   Rules and Rulings: Parliamentary Procedure from the Wisconsin Perspective,
by H. Rupert
 Theobald, 1985-1986 Blue Book, pp. 99-215.
   The Legislative Process in Wisconsin, by Richard L. Roe, Pamela J. Kahler,
Robin N. Kite, and
 Robert P. Nelson, 1993-1994 Blue Book, pp. 99-194.
 Natural Resources
   The Mineral Resources of Wisconsin, by George F. Hanson, 1964 Blue Book,
pp. 199-211.
   The Natural Resources of Wisconsin, 1964 Blue Book, pp. 69-225.
   The Population Resource of Wisconsin, by M.G. Toepel and H. Rupert Theobald,
1964 Blue
 Book, pp. 70-90.
   Wisconsin's People, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 79-88.
 Public Assistance
   The Care of the Unfortunates in Wisconsin, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 185-192.
   Recreation Facilities in Wisconsin, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 203-212.
 Symbols, State
   Wisconsin Symbols, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 73-77.
   A History of the Property Tax and Property Tax Relief in Wisconsin, by
Jack Stark, 1991-1992
Blue Book, pp. 100-165.
Veterans And Military Affairs
  Wisconsin's Military Establishment: Its Organization and Operation, 1962
Blue Book, pp.
Water and Waterways
  Exploring Wisconsin's Waterways, by Margaret Beattie Bogue, 1989-1990 Blue
Book, pp.
  The Water Resources of Wisconsin, by C.L.R. Holt, Jr., Ken B. Young, and
William H.
Cartwright, 1964 Blue Book, pp. 178-198.
  Wisconsin's Troubled Waters, by Selma Parker, 1973 Blue Book, pp. 102-136.
  Wisconsin's Water, 1958 Blue Book, pp. 97-102.
Worker's Compensation
  Two Wisconsin Firsts, 1962 Blue Book, pp. 267-270.
  Wisconsin Writers, by John 0. Stark, 1977 Blue Book, pp. 95-185.

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