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Barish, Lawrence S.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1991-1992 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [833]-868 PDF (16.1 MB)

Page 862

862                            WISCONSIN BLUE BOOK              1991-1992
                                        ECONOMIC POLICY
   We support the elimination of tax-supported military, economic, technical,
and scientific aid to foreign
governments or other organizations. We support the abolition of government
underwriting of arms sales. We
further support abolition of federal agencies that make American taxpayers
guarantors of export-related
loans, suchas the Export-Import Bank and the Commodity Credit Corporation.
We also oppose the partici-
pation of the U.S. government in international commodity circles which restrict
production, limit technologi-
cal innovation, and raise prices.
   We call for the repeal of all prohibitions on individuals or firms contributing
or selling goods and services to
any foreign country or organization.
   We favor withdrawal of the United States from all international paper
money and other inflationary credit
schemes. We favor withdrawal from the World Bank and the International Monetary
  We strongly oppose any bailout of foreign governments or American banks
by the United States, either by
means of the International Monetary Fund or through any other governmental
  We oppose any recognition of fiat claims by national governments or international
bodies to unclaimed
territory. Indivi.duals have the right to homestead unowned resources, both
within the jurisdictions of national
governments and within such unclaimed territory as the ocean, Antarctica
and the volume of outer space. We
urge the development of objective international standards for recognizing
homesteaded claims to private own-
ership of such orms of property as transportation lanes, broadcast bands,
mineral rights, fishing rights, and
ocean farming rights. All laws, treaties, and international agreements that
would prevent or restrict home-
steading of unowned resources should be abolished. We specifically hail the
U.S. refusal to accept the pro-
posed Law of the Sea Treaty because the treaty excluded private property
principles, and we oppose any future
                                   INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
  United States colonialism has left a legacy of property confiscation, economic
manipulation, and over-
extended defense boundaries. We favor immediate self-determination for all
meopleanipulaionial deoer-
dencies, such as Samoa, Guam, Micronesia, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto
Rico, to free these people from
United States dominance, accompanied by the termination of subsidization
of them at taxpayers' expense.
Land seized by the United States government should be returned to its rightful
  We oppose the current thrust by the U.S government to establish American
political control over the
Western Hemisphere and its growing involvement in internal conflicts in Latin
America and the Caribbean.
Specifically, we oppose the continuing U.S. campaigns to overthrow the government
of Nicaragua; to inter-
vene in the internal politics of Panama to overthrow its ruler-to fight "drug
wars" in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia,
and Columbia; and to prop up the government of El Salvador by sending in
military personnel and foreign aid.
  We call for the repeal of the Neutrality Act of 1794, and all other U.S.
neutrality laws which restrict the
efforts of American citizens to aid overseas organizations fighting to overthrow
dictatorial governments.
  We call upon the United States government to cease all interventions in
the Middle East, including military
and economic aid, guarantees, and diplomatic meddling, and to cease limitation
of private foreign aid, b2
military and economic. Voluntary cooperation with any economic boycott should
not be treated as a crime.
  We oppose the incorporation of the Persian Gulf and the countries surrounding
it into the U.S. defense
perimeter. We oppose the creation of new U.S. bases and sites for the pre-positioning
of military material in
the Middle East region. We condemn the stationing of American military troops
in 1he Sinai peninsula as a
trip-wire that could easily set off a new world war.
  We condemn the growing alliance between the governments of the United States
and People's Republic of
China just as we condemn the previous alliance with the Republic of China
on Taiwan. China should not be
considered as part of America's defense perimeter, nor should the United
States government pursue joint
military or diplomatic policies with China in Southeast Asia or Africa.
  We support the aspirations of the Chinese people to free themselves from
their oppressive government, and
we look forward to the day when both personal and economic liberties are
respected in that country.
  We oppose apartheid as a fundamental violation of individual rights. At
the same time, we applaud efforts
by Africans of all races to free themselves from governments that deny them
economic and personal freedom.
  However, since we believe in the right of free trade without the interference
of any government, we oppose
any mandatory sanctions against Americans doing business with South Africans
or buying their products.
The imposition of sanctions violates the free market and causes unemployment
of black South Africans, the
same people the U.S. government has stated it intends to help through this
  We recognize that foreign business and trade has in many cases undermined
apartheid and helped improve
the standard of living of blacks, coloreds and Indians. Nevertheless, we
believe that opponents of apartheid
and of the South African regime may, choose to cease their business activities
in South Africa or organize
voluntary boycotts against South Africa (or any other nation) if they so
  We oppose all government restrictions upon voluntary peaceful use of outer
space. We condemn all interna-
tional attempts to prevent or limit private exploration, industrialization,
and colonization of the moon, plan-
ets asteroids, satellite orbits, Lagrange libration pointsor any other extra-terrestrial
resources. We specifi-
cally call for the repudiation of the U.N. Moon Treaty. We support the abolition
of the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration and the privatization of all artificial satellites.
  Our silence about any other particular government law, regulation, ordinance,
directive, edict, control,
regulatory agency, activity, or machination should not be construed to imply

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