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Barish, Lawrence S.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1991-1992 Blue Book

Wisconsin political parties,   pp. [833]-868 PDF (16.1 MB)

Page 844

844                             WISCONSIN BLUE BOOK              1991-1992
    The United States must lead the world in halting the spiraling arms race,
which impoverishes the world's
people and threatens their survival. The United States Defense Department
and the United States Treasury
Department should not guarantee bonds issued by foreign governments to purchase
arms. We urge as a high
national priority negotiation toward the eventual total nuclear disarmament
of all nations. We recognize that a
vital step towards this goal is a multilateral, verifiable, comprehensive
nuclear test ban treaty. We must reject the
costly, destabilizing and impractical SDI program; ban chemical, biological
and space weapons; and create an
international disarmament inspection agency. We should negotiate a reduction
of forces in Europe and declare a
policy of no first use of nuclear weapons.
    Our strength as a nation is not measured by the size of our arsenal but
rather by the welfare, health, education,
productivity and character of our citizens. Therefore, let us curb excessive
and wasteful military spending, reject
costly and destabilizing new weapon systems, and develop plans for conversion
of war industries to civilian
production. We should foster peace by reducing our arms exports and our troop
strength abroad, and by
implementing a genuine national-academy of peace. We support vigorous enforcement
of the War Powers Act
and an end to military adventurism.
    Our foreign policy should promote fair multilateral trade, mutual arms
reduction, a good neighbor policy of
non-intervention in Latin America, and a just Mideast settlement. Our economic
aid should be allocated on the
basis of meeting human needs. We oppose racism, including apartheid. We oppose
military and economic aid to
other regimens that violate human rights. Our government should work through
the United Nations and other
international organizations to guarantee equal rights for all women of all
nations. We should offer refuge to
victims of oppressive regimes, regardless or political persuasion, and promote
fair immigration policies.
    We should support the growth of democracy in Eastern Europe and provide
maximum safeguards for
balanced trade and free trade unionism.
                                          HUMAN CONCERNS
    We reaffirm the Democratic Party's commitment to the equality of rights,
privileges, and opportunities for all
individuals, without regard to race, color, sex, marital status, age, class,
occupation, income, national origin,
ancestry, disability, physical appearance, living arrangements, sexual orientation,
and political or religious
preference. We support expansion and effective enforcement of civil rights
and anti-discrimination legislation.
    We oppose sexual stereotyping, particularly in education, jobs, wages,
and the written and spoken word. We
support the concept of pay equity.
    We support strict enforcement of the Constitutional principles of separation
of state and church.
    We assert that everyone should have the opportunity to lead dignified,
healthy, useful and secure lives free of
abuse, with the assurance of adequate health care; safe, accessible, affordable
and sanitary housing; and an
acceptable standard of living. Familyplanning services should be readily
accessible, rendered in confidentialit
without governmental interference. We support the right of individuals to
make their own independent mora,
religious, philosophical and medical decisions, including decisions regarding
reproduction and death with dignity.
   We demand adequate funding for health care, rehabilitation, housing, education
and employment opportuni-
ties for all veterans who need assistance.
    We support funding for addressing the drug issue as primarily a health
problem rather than a legal problem.
    We demand adequate funding for research, treatment, human care and public
and school education to halt the
AIDS epidemic. We support legislation to prevent discrimination against people
with AIDS, and/or positive
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) persons or their families.
    A sound and adequate system of human services, including Social Security,
Medicare, catastrophic health
insurance, unemployment compensation and medical assistance is essential.
We favor establishment and support
of programs for the aging and developmentally, mentally or physically disabled,
including subsidized home care
and long-term care.
    We call upon the federal, state and local governments to abide by all
treaties with Native American Nations.
    Education is critical to our democracy. Education underlies a strong
economy, a strong defense, a strong
system of justice, and freedom from poverty. We urge the federal government
to assume its responsibility for
improving the funding of public education, both directly and by means of
student financial aid. We oppose
privatization of any educational functions which is currently publicly funded.
    Our state education policy should promote increased cooperation between
local school boards and state
government in educating children to develop their full intellectual, emotional,
physical and social potential. State
government should help provide affordable, life-long education.
    We endorse the funding of accessible and afford-able quality day care
centers for children, supported by state
and federal governments and private industry.
    Children have the right to educational opportunities in public schools
and in self-supporting certified private
schools. We encourage the implementation of students rights to participate
in the governance of post-secondary
    Persons of all ages must be guaranteed access to information available
in all public libraries throughout the
state and nation. These libraries must be supported by all levels of government.
    Government must be responsive to the needs and will of the people, while
at all times protecting individual
rights and freedoms. Government itself must conform to and abide by all laws.
    We urge public scrutiny of the budgets of federal agencies such as the
CIA and National Security Agency.
We support stringent supervision of regulatory governmental agencies so they
regulate as established by law. We
must reverse the deregulation trend.
    To secure political liberty and to promote true democracy, we must ensure
freedom of information; make
available public financing or campaigns; safeguard Constitutional protections
and individual rights; and encour-
age open, full and fair debate on issues.
    Government must strengthen and rigorously enforce all consumer and worker
protection laws.
    Government must deal effectively with crime, protecting the rights of
victims, witnesses and the accused.
Individuals must be secure against injury to person and property.
    Public financing of legal representation of indigent defendants must
be maintained. Court ordered restitution
for victims must be vigorously enforced, and witness protection programs
expanded. Adequate levels of funding
must be maintained to protect lawfully against all crime, including white
collar crime, government contractor
fraud; juvenile crime and illegal traffic ing in controlled substances.
    We support equitable sentencing commensurate with the crime. We oppose
the death penalty.
     In conclusion, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will provide the leadership
on both the state and federal
 levels to better the lives of all individuals and to defend and protect
the principles of the Declaration of
 Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

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