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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Constitutional executive departments,   pp. [309]-342 PDF (9.6 MB)

Page [310]

                         Explanatory Note
   The Constitution in Article V says that the executive power is
vested in the Governor. Article VI lists the Secretary of State,
State Treasurer, and Attorney General as administrative officers.
Article X   refers to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Article V expressly provides for the Lieutenant Governor as part
of the executive branch of the state.
   Throughout the statutes the term Executive Department is used
to describe the Governor's Office and the functions over which he
has immediate control. Neither the Constitution nor the statutes
give official names to the agencies under control of the other con-
stitutional officers. Custom has developed the practice of desig-
nating these offices as Office of Secretary of State, Office of State
Treasurer, Office of Attorney General, and Department of Public
Instruction. At no point does the Constitution or the statutes re-
fer to the Department of Public Instruction.
   Within this section we use the term Executive Department to
include the functions of the office of Governor and in other cases
we use the title of the man in charge. Article X, section 7, of the
Constitution provides for the Land Commissioners. The Lieutenant
Governor is expressly provided for in Article V of the Constitution.
Financial Secretary: HOWARD KooP.
Administrative Secretary: JAMES WIMIMER.
Legal Counsel: BRUCE THOMAS.
Personal Secretary: MRs. ESTHER KAPLAN.
Office: State Capitol.
Publications: Message to the Legislature (printed in bound Legis-
    lative Journals); The Governor Reports; Speeches; Press Re-
    leases; Proclamations.
  The Governor is the Chief Executive of the State and as such
his staff is commonly described as the Executive Office. In addi-
tion to the staff proper, the heads of 2 departments - Administra-
tion and Resource Development -     serve at the Governor's pleas-
ure and are directly responsible to him.
  The Governor is elected by the people for a 2-year term at the
general election in November of each even-numbered year. He

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