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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book

Wisconsin state government and business,   pp. [69]-220 PDF (46.6 MB)

Page 219

           ARTICLES IN PREVIOUS BLUE BOOKS                  219
  Sovereignty and Democracy in Wisconsin Elections, by George
Brown, 1935 Blue Book, pp. 71-93.
  Wisconsin, the State, by M. G. Toepel, 1952 Blue Book, pp. 77-119.
  The Wisconsin State Building Program, by Wisconsin Legislative
Reference Library, 1952 Blue Book, pp. 173-184.
  Traffic Safety in Wisconsin, by R. C. Salisbury, 1942 Blue Book,
pp. 159-168.
  Centennial Observances, 1937 Blue Book, p. 193.
  The Four Wisconsin Capitols, 1948 Blue Book, pp. 127-139.
  Official Opening of Wisconsin's Centennial Year, by Merle C.
Palmer, 1948 Blue Book, pp. 85-128.
   The Old Northwest, by Joseph Schafer, 1937 Blue Book, pp. 185-
   Pictures of Wisconsin's Centennial, 1950 Blue Book, pp. 73-118.
   Well Done U.S.S. Wisconsin, by E. N. Doan, 1946 Blue Book, pp.
   Wisconsin Anniversaries, by Joseph Schafer, 1935 Blue Book,
pp. 3-28.
   Wisconsin Celebrates its Centennial, by Merle C. Palmer, 1950
 Blue Book, pp. 123-175.
   Wisconsin Government Enrolls for War, by Edward N. Hein, 1944
 Blue Book, pp. 75-113.
   Wisconsin in the Defense Program, by R. S. Kingsley, 1942 Blue
 Book, pp. 151-158.
   Wisconsin Plans Its Centennial, by Merle C. Palmer, 1948 Blue
 Book, pp. 77-83.
   Wisconsin - the Thirtieth Star, by Edgar G. Doudna, 1948 Blue
 Book, pp. 141-200.
   Pictorial Survey of Wisconsin's Accomplishments: Industry, 1940
 Blue Book, pp. 87-104.
   Glimpses of Our State Government in Action: Pictorial Section on
 the Legislature and Legislative Process, 1937 Blue Book, pp. 76-93.
   Members of Wisconsin Legislatures: For 1848 to 1915, inclusive,
 1915 Blue Book, pp. 253-315 and pp. 488-539; for 1917 to 1927,
 inclusive, 1927 Blue Book, pp. 643-652; for 1927 to 1935, inclusive,
 1935 Blue Book, pp. 261-266; for 1937 to 1943, inclusive, 1944
 Blue Book, pp. 186-190.
   Statute Lawmaking in Wisconsin, by Edwin E. Witte, 1937 Blue
 Book, pp. 129-154.
   State Aid to Libraries, by C. B. Lester, 1940 Blue Book, pp. 155-

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