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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book

Wisconsin state government and business,   pp. [69]-220 PDF (46.6 MB)

Page 214

       By ROBERT J. PARENT, Director of the Laboratories
   The state's assistance to the farmer in improving his crop and
livestock production and to business management in improving its
processes are well-known to many people in this state. Less well-
known is a service which not only provides a highly technical service
to industries dependent upon electric energy but also carries out a
task which affects the purse of every citizen who pays for metered
electric service. It is the Electrical Standards and Instrumentation
Laboratories on the campus of the College of Engineering of the
University of Wisconsin.
   The first agreement between the University of Wisconsin and the
Railroad Commission of Wisconsin providing for control of standards
of service under the public utility law was signed January 10, 1908.
This agreement provided for cooperation between the university and
the Railroad Commission in the use of laboratory equipment and
physical facilities of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Reorganization of the Standards Laboratory occurred in 1913.
This resulted in an expansion of service to all state industries as
well as utilities. Facilities and services of the laboratory continued
to increase over the years with the acquisition of improved equip-
ment and techniques.
  In 1950 the laboratory was moved to its present location in the
new engineering building on the university campus. Considerable
new equipment was acquired at this time. This along with providing
air conditioning for the control of temperature and humidity of the
laboratory area has increased the quality of standardization possible.
  In 1954 further reorganization took place with the addition of
the Instrumentation Laboratory. The name was then changed to
the Electrical Standards and Instrumentation Laboratories. The
main objective of the Instrumentation Laboratory is to provide
for the design, construction and maintenance of electronic instru-
ments for research in the various departments of the university.
Currently the equivalent of at least 5 people are employed in the
laboratories which contains many thousands of dollars worth of
technical testing equipment used to make literally hundreds of
tests each year for industries dependent upon electrical energy.
  The laboratories are operated under the College of Engineering in
cooperation with the Department of Electrical Engineering, the

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