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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book

Parties and elections: state party platforms,   pp. [595]-[616] PDF (6.3 MB)

Page 598

communism. In so doing, we are determined to preserve the basic
liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.
   We urge vigorous support for the President's fight for the St.
 Lawrence Seaway which would contribute so greatly to prosperity
 of the Midwest and all of America.
   Under the American federal system certain major responsibilities
 devolve upon state governments. In Wisconsin 7 successive Repub-
 lican administrations have failed to perform their main duty to
 the people of the state. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin pledges
 an administration that will face squarely up to these major gov-
 ernmental responsibilities.
 1. Education
   The Democratic Party of Wisconsin declares that only through
 a well-informed and literate citizenry can democracy survive and
 prosper. We will continue the fight for positive action to improve
 the efficiency of our schools.
   The Republican Party has failed to meet its responsibility for
adequate elementary and secondary education. Present state educa-
tional assistance to local communities is woefully inadequate. The
consequences are deplorable delapidation of school buildings, re-
duction of teaching efficiency and an unfair burdening of local
property taxpayers. The Democratic Party proposes a comprehensive
program of increased state aids to elementary and secondary schools.
   The Democratic Party is well aware of the tremendous educational
burden placed upon the citizens of Wisconsin by the increase in our
child population. Because, within the next 5 years, schools of Wis-
consin must provide education for 50 percent more children than
they now have, the Democratic Party urges an immediate program
of state aids to local school districts for the construction of school
   The Republican Party has failed to meet its responsibility for
providing full opportunities in higher education. It failed when the
Republican majority in the legislature defeated a Democratic bill
to provide for a lakeshore college.
   We propose to achieve further equality of educational opportunity
in Wisconsin as follows:
  a. By providing for a lakeshore college to make a genuine college
education financially possible for the thousands of Wisconsin's
young people in our great lakeshore area.
  b. By providing assistance to students who do not have enough
money to attend institutions of higher learning.
  c. By expanding the activities of the State Radio Council to
include establishment and operation of a television network.
  The Democratic Party will insist upon full academic freedom for
the teachers and students of Wisconsin in their quest for truth.

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