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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: M],   pp. 211-241

Page 221

       UI~ nvestigate the Swimming PoolAI 
       M.Mn!                              Y1 Mv 6, A, 
                  Calat 16 F- Firs Stree and Be Sh~own 
    " ..cCFlo" Du ICW 221 1=T     o~nyeo         McD C 
  McCoy Rose M. teacher, h 206 5th. 
  M McCoy Thomas F. carp. h 206 5th. " 
  5 McCoy see also Macoy. 
f   McCreery Alfred J. com. trav. h 113 Harrison pl. 
    McCreery James G. sales, 40 E. Ist, h 145 Forest av. 
    McCrimmon Belle, elk. 78 S. Main, h 242 Elm. 
  r4 McCrimmon Harold, student, h 242 Elm. 
    McCrimmon Mina (wid. Robert) h 242 Elm. 
    SMcCrimmon Winifred, teacher Jefferson school, h 242 Elm. 
  , McCrory Eugenia (wid. James W.) h 434 S. Park av. 
  ,2 McCrory H. James, student, h 434 S. Park av. 
z   McLrory John 11. (Dutty, lVMctrory & 1Duty) n 190o neDoyga 
ri :S McCrory Minnie J. teacher Jefferson school, h 196 Sheboyga 
  p McCullen Amelia, teacher, h 22 E. Follett. 
z3 8McCullen Catherine (wid. John) h io8 Rose. 
  SMcCullen Flora, forelady, h 223 Oak. 
  McCullen Helen Miss, h 22 E. Follett. 
McCullen John, carp. h 223 Oak. 
   " McCullen John J. lab. h 22 E. Follett. 
 j Safety DepositCTl'                          n" 
t'Z McCullen Patrick A. lab. h 22 E. Follett. 
   t McCullough Charles D. flagman C. & N. W. .h 131 W. Rees. 
   McCullough Charles E. cashier Soo Line, h 96 W. 2d. 
    McCullough Fannie, domestic, h 197 Sheboygan. 
    McCullough John S. city engnr. City Hall, h 243 Superior. 
    i McCullough Lucinda (wid. Humphrey) h 105 7th. 
= McDERMOTT AGENCY THE (inc.) William McDermol 
W_     pres.-treas.; Jay P. McDermott, v-pres.; George L. McDe 
       mott, sec.; Albert Rieder, asst. sec. real estate, loans ar 
       insurance, 24 S. Main. 
    McDermott Annie (50) died Feb. 27, 1914. 
McDermott Bernard, saloon, 269 Military, h 279 Military. 
2 McDermott Bridget Mrs. h i6i E. Arndt. 
F- McDermott Catherine E. Miss, h 183 W. Johnson. 
    McDermott Frank, bartndr. 269 Military, h 279 Military. 
    McDermott George L. sec. The McDermott Agency, h Los Ai 
       geles, Cal. 
uLJ McDermott Grace E. stenog. 24 S. Main, h 214 E. ist. 
    McDermott James, lab. h 361 Morris. 
For ~UE                         LIesO WieIn hsdso 

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