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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: M],   pp. 211-241

Page 220

j McChain Harvey J. lab. h 444 Grove. 
   McChain Lucinda P. Mrs. h-444 Grove. 
 - McClellan Max, electr. h 30 W. Arndt. 
M McClure Ina Miss, h 14 W. Division. 
   McClure Robert A. switchman Soo Line, h 14 W. Division. 
   McConahey Merle E. ship. clk. h 147 Marquette. 
McConnell Harry, mach. h 117 W. Division. 
   McCormick Elizabeth Miss, h 81 S. Park av. 
) HARO       ROVE Funeral Directors and Licensed Embalmers 
      & GO   D   N    FROM OTHER CITIES .  Sadilrtr service gaate 
          G. F.fl       Hardarove Res. Phone 1217  G. H. Gort" Res.
Phone 579 1  0 
er Jefferson school, h R. F. D. No. 7, A- 
rdener, 556 Fond du Lac av. h same. 3*R. 
ggageman Soo Ry. h 156 Amory.     ._ 
3 S. Macy, h same. 
McCourt) h 71 Cherry.               M. 
isses McCourt) h 71 Cherry. 
and Katherine E. McCourt) notions,'Q 'd" 
e Erving, h 169 S. Main. 
S. Main, h 1:88 Dix. 
ngnr. h 257 E. Ist.                 0,0 
rnard) h 188 Dix. 
clk. h 227 E. ist. 
3 E. ist, h 2o6 5th. 
cCoy Co.) h 234 Gillett.          - 
tter, h 103 W. ISt. 
oore & Galloway, h 2o6 5th. 
  Collins & Klock 
onn., have no equaL Pay you to investigate. See Jay P. 
pecial Agent, Fond du Lac, Wis.  ::  .: : : 
    F!oND DU LAO] 220 CDim'rory            McC 
atherine (48) died Nov. 26, 1912. 
aniel J. brakeman, h 248 3d. 
red, condr. Soo Line, h 100 E. 2d. 
azel, student, h 248 3d. 
mes, condr. C. & N. W. Ry. h lO2 Marquette. 
ichael, lab. 41 404 Ogden av. 
n J. clk. 15o S. Main, h 235 Linden. 
ephine, clk. h 235 Linden. 
thryn (wid. Jeremiah) h 235 Linden. 
u, clk. h 235 Linden.                          "=O 
i-v A. Misg h 2 Iinden. 

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