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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: M],   pp. 211-241

Page 216

              Manufacturers of and Dealers in 
BROS. Dairy Goods 
MAR             FoND Du LAc] 216 EDnmTOEy           MAR 
arcoe Royal N. timekpr. Soo Ry. h 353 W. Scott. 
arcoe Stella, mach. opr. h 353 W. Scott. 
  Markle Edward E. mach. h 4, 29 S. Union. 
P;MARKLE EDWIN T. abstracts of title, 83 S. Main, h 191 E. 
 Markle Inez M. stenog. h 191 E. Ist. 
,W Markle Jeanette C. student, h 191 E. Ist. 
,Markle John A. h 191 E. Ist. 
'A Markow Amelia (wid. Ernest) h 347 4th. 
PEMarkow Arthur, fireman, 414 Linden, h 437 Walker. 
'4Markow Ella, clk. 64 S. Main, h 347 4th- 
  60,0ý  O j& .1          ....-r Dry Goods, Carpets, Rugs, 0 
                               ,Curtains, Lamps, Crockery, P 
____      Coaks, Furs, Suits. 
rkow Frank H. lab. h 2O0 Sheboygan.                     W-9 
rkow Louis F. foreman, h 376 Sherman. 
rkow William, h 269 W. I ith.                            p 
rkwiese Alexander, sales. h io8 E. Johnson.               I 
rquardt Julius, switchman C. & N. W. Ry. h 43 S. Sophia. 
rr Street Academy, Mrs. Eliza C. Palmer, princ. 264 S. Marr. 
rrah Mary (wid. Tames) h 54 Western av.               . s.a 
Edward, h 67 S. Portland. 
James E. h 67 S. Portland. 
enjamin J. mach. hd. h 442 Amory. 
[at. lab. h 442 Amory. 
Frank P. physician, 114 S. Main, h 176 Gillett. 
George W. county surveyor, h Town Springvale.    -go 
M. W. Medicine Co. F. P. Marshall, pres.; A. M. 00 
yer, v-pres.; I. J. Carter, sec.; 250 Oak.       * 0 
C. Leland Jr. h 2oi E. Ist.                      N ;a 
Lena, clk. h 20 N. Marr. 
Peter, h 20 N. Marr. 
klbert, hlpr. h 75 N. Sibley. 
                         APPLY TO 
TO LOAN A. B.    -R 
rggraf Charles J. tailor, h 31o 8th. 
rggraf Fred, painter, h 82 E. iith. 
rggraf Marie (wid. Fred) h 114 W. Scott. 
rggraf Otto, asst. foreman, h 114 W. Scott. 
rian Henry J. clk. h 264 Morris. 
rian John, mason, h 264 Morris.                             o 
rian Marie, seamstress, h 264 Morris. 
W rlL'"rMllI 'MV10+ Jr~ltD non adv 

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