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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: M],   pp. 211-241

Page 213

                lIE       A     All The Swimming Pool Now Open 
                                N l .s Simply Great For Men and Boys 
               " eparate'ý                 ,6 . tg'n Today  =
QMAH               FomN Du LAC] 213 [Dnxroiiy          MAL C 
ýZ   Mahoney Marguerite C. Miss, h i9o E. 2d. 
-    Mahoney Mary H. student, h i1o E. 2d. 
   3 Mahoney Stephen B. (McLain & Mahoney) h 222 5th. 
   1 Mahoney Timothy J. stat. engnr. h 400 Cedar. 
,=N M aibuchner Elsie Miss, h 300 Forest av. 
     Maibuchner Frederich H. switchman, h 300 Forest av. 
 0  Maibuchner Harriet, cashier, h 300 Forest av. 
 w;4 Maibuchner Henry R. painter contr. 300 Forest av. h same. 
 SMaibuchner Robert, painter, h 3o0 Forest av. 
    Maidens Fred, lab. h 413 S. Marr.                            - 
.-  Maidens Virginia E. stenog. I8 Sheboygan, h 413 S. Marr.      - 
.   Majeski Benjamin J. mach. h 509 E. 2d. 
,  Malady Catherine (wid. Robert) h 75 E. Arndt. 
Malady Edward R. (Malady & Engel) h 75 E. Arndt. 
    Malady Mary (wid. Owen) h 22 E. Merrill. 
IV " Malady Meta J. bkpr. 260 N. Main, h 75 E. Arndt.           Uý
   r Malady Walter, tanner, h 22 E. Merrill.                      M 
   Malady & Engel (Edward R. Malady, William D. Engel) meats,,-C 
        26o N. Main.                                              - 
    Bonds and Real Estate Mortgages at The 
O S Malarik Joseph, bkpr. h 194 5th.                         CD 
      Malinowski Frank, lab. h 223 W. Merrill. 
    Malinowski Ignatz, lab. h 223 W. Merrill. 
    Malinowski Joseph, lab. h 223 W. Merrill. 
    Malinowski Louis, elk. h 223 W. Merrill. 
    pMalaley William E. sorter, h 75 W. Rees. 
    Mallis Robert T. electr. h 157 Hoyt.                         o 
    Malloy Alice Miss, h 159 3d.                                - 
  SMalloy Anna Miss, h 650 Military. 
    iMalloy Edward, farmer, h 650 Military. 
    Malloy Kate (wid. Bernard) h 159 3d.                     CD 
    Malloy Katherine Miss, h 159 3d. 
    Malone Edward A. foreman 34 E. Ist, h 164 Rose. 
    Malone Elizabeth (wid. John) h 148 Hone. 
    -1 Malone Murt, grocer, 450 N Main, h 148 Hone. 
    Malone Peter, lab. h 148 Hone. 
    Maloney Edward L. (E. L. Maloney's Title & Abstract Office)     w
        h 61 S. Sibley.                                    =' 
                   lI            Wholesale Wines and Liqo 
            IA ENTD LIU.U Ag.MinSt.           is   Pon    9 

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