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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 210

    T14E BUSY CORNER                    THE DAYLIGHT STORE 
    FLUE          roND Du LAO] 210 [DmEZoOBY         LUT Cr" 
    Luebke Emma, domestic, h 89"Forest av. 
~ Lueck Adolph, meat ctr. 8 S. Main, h i8 S. Marr. 
    Lueck Charles, tmstr. 163 W  .Division, h 15 N. Boardman. 
nt;Lueck Henry, cab. mkr. h 299 Amory. 
    Luedtke Albert, car rep. h 204 Griffith. 
,,Luedtke August J. tinner, 39 3d, h 279 Star.           ___ 
    Luedtke Herman J. carp. Soo ry. h 515 Morris. 
    Luedtke" Hilda Miss, h 515 Morris. 
    Luedtke Max H. carp. Soo ry. h 515 Morris.           CID 
  1 Luedtke see also Liedke, Litka. 
  Z Luethge Anna, seamstress, h 141 Rose.                cc 
  O Luethge Dora Miss, h 141 Rose. 
, Luethge Katherine Mrs. h 14T Rose. q 
    Luethy Adolph, mach. h 307 Linden.                    "D 
    * Luhn Edward Jr. fireman,                           C= 528 Grove. 
    Luhn Gustav, carp. h 93 W. Johns6n. 
 Luhn Leona, opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 528 Grove.             0.. 
     Luhn Mary Mrs. h 528 Grove.                         =a 
     Luhn Walter, electr. h 528 Grove.                   C.O. 
                               RGARDEN SEEDS 
    HENRY                BR              TIMOTHY SEED: 
                 TMOLHONE 15             C1 nVER  SEED 
    Lut    ',dward, lab. h 227 W. Johnson. 
     Ltnibl, . seph, mach., hd. Soo Ry. h 227 W. Johnson.        -q 
     Lumblo Ruth, mach. opr. h 227 W. Johnson.                   0 
     Lumblo Victor, Capt. Hose Co. 3, h 283 Doty.         Cr 
     Lund John P. carp. h 337 Military.                          0 
     Lurvey Lawson E. (Phelps & Lurvey) city attorney, h 433 S.C 
.       Marr. 
     Luscombe George A. dist. supt. Wisconsin Nat. Life Ins. Co. 4* 
     Lusk Eliza (wid. George W.) h 89 W. Division. 
     Luther Florence Miss, h io8 E. Rees. 
) Luther Henry A. foreman, h io8 E. Rees.                 0o 
     Luther Lelia Miss, h io8 E. Rees. 
  Luther Louise, bkpr. 350 S. Main, h io8 E. Rees.. 
     Luther Pearl, bkpr. h io8 E. Rees. 
     Luttenberger Elizabeth (wid. Joseph) h 383 Walker. 
     Luttenberger George, wood wkr. h 377 Walker. 
     Luttenberger Joseph (41) died July 23, 1913.         CI 
     Luttman Ethel Miss, h 229 S. Park av. 
     0. C. STEENBERG CO. %ando                               g 
     SASH AND DOOR FACTORY         atd Stai Builders 
     Cor. Brooe and MoWl* tan ,. St-Voed du La, Business establishod1868

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