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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 209

     Helmer Milling, Co.                    all Gra    ds 
                                        S.16-18 Fourth L.. Pow d Lac 
        LO          oND Du L~c] 2D9 [DiniaroBy        LUE 8 
 a Lotzer Jacob, carp. h 15o E. Johnson. 
   4  oucks Charles E. barber, 29 N. Main, h 3o2 Bannister. 
     Loucks Charles H. lab. h 3o2 Bannister. 
     Loucks Claude, barber, 1O4 N. Main, h IO W. Division. 
     Loucks Jessie Miss, h 302 Bannister. 
   Loucks Lewis, barber, 29 N. Main, h 302 Bannister. 
   Lovell Fred C. sales. 184 W. 2d, h 321 Military. 
 _d  Lowe Louise B. (wid. Daniel) h 75 4th. 
     Loweman Charley, Chinese laundry, 39 N. Main, h same. 
     Lubitz John R. h 123 Brush. 
;d Luby Clarence E. packer, h 62 E. 12th. 
   ,2 Lucas Ella Mrs. h 4o0 N. Brooke. 
    Lucas Jemima (wid. James) h 129 Hone. 
     Lucht Elsie, stenog. h 15o E. Rees. 
   9 Lucia Adele Mrs. h 21 7th. 
on 0 Lucia Arthur, lab. h 219 Chestnut. 
   - Lucia Camille, h 284 Amory. 
~Lucia Delia (wid. John) h 219 Chestnut. 
     Lucia Earl, lab. h 107 Dix. 
UNIIERTAKERS L                      ZACHERL & "=G' 
                                  LADY ASSISTANT 
    171-175 NORT= MAIN STREET                  TLEPLONB 68o 
 Lucia Edward J. Checker Soo Ry. h 107 Dix. 
    Lucia Frederick, com. tray. h 320 Amory. 
    Lucia Isaac, janitor Bragg school, h 320 Amory. 
    Lucia James E. dentist, 204, 3. S. Main, h 320 Amory.         X 
-ooLucia Joseph, teaming contr. 339 N. Main, h same.              E 
Lucia Julius, h 320 Amory. 
    Lucia Louis, blksmith. h 412 Amory. 
=Lucia Nellie, teacher McKinley school, h 32o Amory. 
C.*Lucia Thomas H. condr. Soo Ry. h 46 N. Marr.                 - 
harles, mach. hd. h 52 Carpenter.             n   ..- 
ouise (wid. Charles) h 52 Carpenter. 
ouise Miss, h 52 Carpenter. 
tto, lab. h 183 8th. 
SJohn, condr. Soo Line, h 332 Amory. 
0 George A. ins. agt. iY. M. C. A. 
n Mabel (wid. John) h 6o E. ioth. 
" William F. ry condr. h 6o E. ioth. 
Alvina, domestic, h 275 E. Division.          XI 
Carl, h 132 Central av. 
)foot Lumber Co. Hroo 
Doors, Moulding8, Fine Interior FinishY-ELo PINE 

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