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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 206

    IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                                    - 
          C30 TH  BUSY ORNERTHE             DAYLIGHT STORE 4 1 
-! LEY             Fore Du LAWo 206 [DrEmToY          LIN 
r3S Ley Henry, v-pres. Winnebago Furniture Mnfg. Co. h 411 S. 
SI      Marr. 
c   Ley Julius, h 340 S. Main. 
    Leyher Elizabeth Miss, h 212 N. Main. 
Lai Leyher Joseph, tanner, h 212 N. Main. 
C.D Leyher Laura Miss, h 165 N. Main.01 
LU  Leyher William J. tanner, h 212 N. Main. 
.-J Licht John (72) died Dec. 31, 1913.-mw 
C   Licht Mae E. Miss, h 165 E. Rees. 
C2 Licht Margaret, teacher McKinley school, h 165 E. Rees. 
C** Licht Mary (wid. John) h 165 E. Rees. 
Liedke Albert, hlpr. Soo Ry. h 507 Washington. 
MI Liedke Arthur, hlpr. Soo Ry. h 507 Washington. 
=   Liedke Caroline (wid. Carl) h 507 Washington. 
E   Liedke Gustav, boiler mkr. Soo Ry. h 507 Washington. 
Liedke Otto, mach. hlpr. h 481 Rosendale av. 
   Liedlinski Joseph, baker, 22 N. Main. 
, Lieflander William L. electr. h 103 S. Seymour. 
    Liepert Edwin F. depot master C. & N. W. Ry. h I73 Ruggles. 
C-   That good old Mononga-9 
hela Rye and Calumet Club KU MMI       IUW & M[NG[ 
.Sour Mash Whiskey at 
    Liermann Bernard C. electr. h 401 Walker. 
  Liermann Carl (82) died April 5, 1913.                 Z !" 
= Liermann Emily (wid. Carl) h 481 Ann.                        o 
L_ Lincoln School, Forest av. cor. Mary's av.                  a 
    Linde Augusta (wid. William) h 421 Ann.                   2 
Linde4ýCharles F. electr. h 245 N. Main.                CZV 
t   Linde Eva Mrs. dressmkr. 446 Linden, h same.              * 
     Linde Fred W. leather sorter, h 51 W. 12th. 
m   Linde Herman, tmstr. h 411 Walker. 
4-o Linde Lydia F. cashier, 52 S. Main, h 421 Ann. 
0 Linde William Jr. (23) died May 17, 1913. 
e,Linden Edna A. asst. chief opr. Wis. Tel. Co. h 15 N. Portland. 
OLinden Frank G. tailor, 14 W. Division, h 15 N. Portland. 
U ;Linden Lester C. appr. h i5 N. Portland. 
N. 'LINDOW CHARLES R. house furnishings, ii8 S. Main, h 121 
W, Lindsley Louis, mach. hd. h 418 Sherman. 
0.Lingenfelter Robert, stock buyer, h 282 8th. 
r:,        "  knSALE AND" RETAIL,-RUGSISTh 
    The / n u    r     o           STATIONCRY, WALL PAPErs 
                              PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, SPICES. EM 

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