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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 205

                            AGymsium, Shower Batlm, N-w,- 
           A/M           A      Bowling Alley, NigM School, Reading 
         *      .     *         Room.  Open to Men and Boys. 
                                     SPECAL FARMERS RATE 
 gLES              FoD Dr Lc]205 EDIECTOy              LEY  = 
    Leslieyoung Eva, mus. tchr. 307 Bannister, h same. 
Leslieyoung Oscar S. com. trav. h 307 Bannister. 
KLesselyoung Frank, lather, h 184 Boyd. 
0 tLesselyou'ng Henry J. carp. h 410 Ellis. 
-Lesselyoung Joseph, lab. h 287 E. idth. 
   a Lesselyoung Louis, h 405 Ellis.                       co 
i  ILesselyoung Mark W. pressman hlpr. Reporter, h 410 Ellis.    M 
oLesselyoung Michael J. lab. Ih 8o S. Marr.                _" 
   "4Lesselyoung Michael L. carp. contr. ioo S. Macy, h 372 S. Park
elLesselyoung Oscar L. student, h 410 Ellis. 
J=  Lesselyoung Robert F. (34) died Dec. 31, 1912. 
)   Lesselyoung Tela B. (wid. Robert F.) h 48 W. 12th. 
    Leu Elsie Miss, h 66 W. Scott. 
    Leu Frank, lab. h 66 W. Scott. 
 Levenhagen Charles, tanner, h 205 N. Waupun. 
 C  Levenhagen John H. driver, 76 S. Portland, h 69 S. Marr. 
 Levinsky William, lab. h 287 E. 2d.                       cc 
    Levandowski Joseph, broom mkr. h 136 Rose.                  " 
z $1.00 Opens A 3% Savings Account At 
-            The Citizens State Bank. 
C    Lewis Ada, phys. dir. Grafton Hall, h same.           CO 
C Lewis Alanson H. h 14o 4th. 
L ewis Benjamin L. transf. clk. Am. Ex. Co. h 430 Forest av. 
     Lewis Bertha (wid. Martin) h 430 Forest av. 
IA-I Lewis Charles E. com. tray. h 17 N. Park av. 
     Lewis Clifford, switchman C. & N. W. h 436 Forest av. 
.__ Lewis George W. com. trav. h 297 Ellis.                     a 
L&J Lewis Gordon, painter, h 430 Forest av.                 '01 
Lewis Harold A. student, h 17 N. Park av. 
C    Lewis Herbert 0. pub. acct. 13 E. Ist, h 185 Gillett. 
     Lewis Isabelle M. teacher McKinley school, h 17 N. Park av. 
     Lewis James, student, h 162 E. I3th". 
 Lewis Lisle F. sec. D. C. McGregor Co. h 51 S. Union. 
 C Lewis Lyman W. h 72 E. I2th. 
 Lewis Orin F. h 181 3d. 
 .wC Lewsadder William M. Rev. pastor Seventh Day Adventisttaln. 
    2=  church, h 135 Warner. 
_    Ley Carrie, asst. bkpr. Commercial Nat. Bank, h 340 S. Main. 
    Ley Emma, nurse, 340 S. Main, h same. 
                                      IS WITHOUT A RIVAL 
     LORD MARYLAND RYE IN wTo CI                     ryAh 
     "oldby LAUEISTEI"    LHIOR 00,79Ls. ais         Phem49 

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