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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: L],   pp. 198-211

Page 204

itedt your earnings with an ACCIDENT AND HEALTH 
  Hartford, Conn. Jay P. McDermott, Special Agent, Fond du 
  Lac, Wisconsin. 
  LEM             Fore Du Ic] 204 [1Duo]Y             LES 
  c Lemke Charles Jr. car insp. Soo Ry. h 494 Washington. 
  0 Lemke Edith L. domestic, h ioo E. Division. 
  z Lemke Emil, finisher, h 527 Clinton. 
  _ Lemke Fred, lab. h 485 Washington. 
  - Lemke George H. packer, h 502 W. Scott. 
1 Lemke Gustav, brklyr. h 496 Temperance. 
  Lemke Herman, lab. h 527 Clinton. 
  Lemke Herman Jr. lab. h 505 Clinton. 
  Lemke Otto R. lab. h 502 W. Scott.                      C= 
  Lemke Rudolph, lab. h 502 W. Scott. 
  Lemke Theodore, lab. h 321 W. Scott. 
  Lemke Theresa, clk. 22 Forest av. h 527 Clinton. 
  Lemke William, hlpr. Soo Ry. h 494 Washington.          C-3 
  Lemke William, lab. h 502 W. Scott.                     C= 
  Lemm Guy T. painter, ih io9 E. Follett. 
  Lengelsen Herman 0. clk. 347 W. Division, h II5 5th. 
  Lenk Eliza (wid. Gustave) h 297 E. 2d. 
  Lenz August, carp. h 67 W. Rees. 
      T    .- apI T-   -8.nm. L-- '-.........rndt 
P      HAR) 2GROVE &      GORDON      Re.Pone)79. 
        N ERAL DIRECTORS and REGISTERED SpecialAttentdiongivE 
d d orgme  EMBALMERS   T 181 SothMai Oug.  to funerols to a.d 
etio,,  Court House -  TELEPHONE 393 from other ites 
udolph R. mach. h 57 E. Arndt.                      m 
d Charles W. physician, 72 S. Main, h 157 7th.     04 
d Christina L. elk. 52 S. Main, h 72 4th.        S 
d Elizabeth Mrs. h 402 Portage.                  r--2C 
Avila, lab. h 435 Portage.                        M 
Genevieve, box mkr. h 184 N. Waupun.                i 
Hilda J. seamstress, h 142 N. Waupun. 
Leo F. stenog. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h 142 N. Waupun. 
Peter A. lab. h 184 N. Waupun. _ 
   Lepine Peter G. (Kolb & Lepine) h 265 S. Main.            - 
   Lepine Solomon, carp. h i7o Waupun.                        I 
q  Lepine Thomas, plumber, 24 Forest av. h 142 N. Waupun.    m 
     TL'r,-         +5 ,on5~ 1, 339 +                     CO 
also Lapene and Lapine. 
.nk, foreman Wis. Tel. Co. h 78 South.       rn 
amin H. electr. h 296 Bannister. 
in, del. clk. 196 N. Main, h 296 Bannister.    K 
ise Mrs. h 210 W. Merrill.                   in 
k, bkpr. h 81 Green.. 
ges COLLINS & KLOCK Abstracts 
aends                            Insurance 

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