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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Fond du Lac directory: F],   pp. 116-132

Page 122

     -       , IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                         - 
   "THE BusY CORNER                       THE DAYLIGHT STORE 
FIT                FoND DU LAc] 122 [DIz<ETORY          FLA 
     FITZGERALD RICHARD, bus, baggage and transfer line, 46 
        3d, h 100 5th. 
     Fitzgerald Thomas, lab. h 2I4 3d. 
L V Fitzgerald William C. student, h 9° E. 2d. 
Pj Fitzgerald Winifred A. Miss, h 90 E. 2d. 
0    Fitzhenry George, carp. h 16o 5th. 
: Fitzpatrick Frank E. saloon, 183 S. Main, h 173 5th. 
  0 Fitzpatrick Michael, saloon, 27 N. Main, h same. 
rL   Fitzpatrick William, h 27 N. Main. 
  Q Fitzsimmon Michael (78) died March 17, 1913. 
  , Fitzsimons Honorah Miss, h 125 4th. 
     FITZSIMONS M. & SONS CO. Maurice Fitzsimons, pres.- 
   o    sec.; Thomas Fitzsimons, v-pres.; shoes, 94 S. Main. 
     Fitzsimons Marcella Miss, h 125 4th.                   !T 
   Fitzsimons Maurice, pres.-sec. M. Fitzsimons & Sons Co. h 125 
     Fitzsimons Michael, clk. h 125 4th. 
     Fitzsimons Michael J. carrier P. 0. h 288 4th.            0 
     Fitzsimons Morris P. caretaker n s Edgerton, i w Fond du Lac 
 .<FOND     DU  LAC, WIS.    CEMENT          :    Tel. 15 
     Fitzsimons Thomas, v-pres. M. Fitzsimons & Sons Co. h 125 4th. 0
     Flaherty Fred, lab. h 242 Morris. 
   Flaherty Olive M. instr. High school, h 82 6th. 
    . Flanagan Amelia R. (wid. Hugh) h ioo 8th. 
 . Flanagan Anna (Flanagan Sisters) 78 5th.               CA 
     Flanagan Catherine (Flanagan Sisters) 78 5th.         t 
 Flanagan Elsie M. stenog. 94 S. Main, h ioo 8th.          0> 
     Flanagan Florence, teacher Jefferson school, h Ioo 8th. 
 Flanagan Howard E. stenog, h 311 Western av.              rr 
     Flanagan Hugh M. carrier P. 0. h Ioo 8th. 
     Flanagan Kathryn L. student, h ioo 8th.                 .. 
 Flanagan Lulu C. teacher Lincoln school, h 311 Western av. 0. 
 Flanagan Martin V. h 311 Western av.                       00'1 
  Flanagan Sisters (Anna and Catherine Flanagan) dressmakers, WO 
 Fl 78 5th.                                                    o 
     Flanagan Walter R. loco. engnr, h ioo 8th.            i V 
     Flanders Charles R. saloon, 338 W. Division, h 62 N. Waupun. to 
     Flannery Etha (wid. Osmanlie) h 37 S. Boardman.         .0 
     0. C Steenberg Co, Sash and Door Faclorg 
       Business Established 1868        TeFOD D no Mo. 81 
    i3or. Rrrotke and MoWilliams SII.  FOND DI LAC, WISCONSIN 

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