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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Fond du Lac directory: F],   pp. 116-132

Page 119

     FINE SHOES                  Main and First Strete 
 FER                FOND DU LAC] 119 iDwxcnr*Sy           FIN 
 f OFerdinand Jacob, mach. h 382 Center. 
    Ferdinand Leona E. Miss, h 382 Center. 
    "  Ferguson Bernard J. acting captain Hook and Ladder Co. No. I,
  0     h 28o Gillett.                                       100 
  I Ferguson James W. millwright, h 128 6th. 
  C Ferguson Mary, dressmkr. 234 4th, h same.                =No 
Ferguson William, brakeman, Soo Line, h 145 Forest av. 
Ferguson William, tanner, h 6 Seymour. 
  SFero Edward, painter, h 49 N. Marr. 
    Fero Emily A. (wid. Cornelius) h 49 N. Mart. 
-0  Fero Harry E. barber, h 255 E. Johnson. 
%    Ferrington Edward G. ry. postal clk. h 145 Forest av. 
   0 Ferris Ameen, h 362 W. Division. 
   4 Fett William, finisher, h 187 Walnut. 
     Feudner Amel, foreman, h 21 E. Arndt. 
   " Feudner Arthur H. lab. h 30 Gould. 
     z Feudner Francis, lab. h 222 N. Bell. 
     Feudner Henry, h ý95 Juneau. 
     Feudner John, tmstr. 154 S. Macy, h 30 Gould. 
SFOREIGN DRAFTS CO                                AN 
            m                                   BANK 
 C:5 Feudner John P. Jr. appr. h 30 Gould. 
 C   Feudner Leonard, clk. h 222 N. Bell. 
     Feudner Louis A. h 30 Gould. 
     Feudner Philip P. scaler, h 222 N. Bell.                       I 
     Feyerherm Margaret (wid. Carl J.) h 142 E. Johnson. 
     Fichtelscher Frank, lab. h 287 E. ist. 
1   Fichtelscher Margaret Miss, h 287 E. ist. 
C Fick Anna Mrs. h 226 Linden. 
     Fick Detlef, h 226 Linden. 
     Fick Gottlieb, h 477 Forest av. 
-3o Fiebe Mary Mrs. h 340 N. Brooke.Q 
    Fiebig Charles, lab. h 294 N. Brooke. 
4   Fiebig Elizabeth, domestic, h 294 N. Brooke. 
C.0 Fiebig Henry, lab. h 294 N. Brooke.                          t 
    Fiebig Henry Jr. lab. h 294 N. Brooke. 
--J Fiebig Mollie, mach. opr. h 294 N. Brooke.                       0 
LLi Filbey Lloyd A student, h 405 S. Marr. 
     Filter John, hostler, h 221 S. Main. 
MEFincel George, lab. h 64 W. Cotton. 
"-" MOORE &     GALLOWAY      LUMBER CO., PFod du La     Wis.'
        a"d McWillams St, Tel. No. 4. Cot. Main and Merrill Sts.. Tel.
No. 472. 
                       So. FPu Pago Advertisement. 

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