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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Fond du Lac directory: E],   pp. 110-115

Page 115

                                 Real Estate, Conveyj- 
     W, DeSTEESE 
                                  ancing, Abstracting 
            W .D STE      SE     4f' S NO St. fond du Lac, Wh%. 
 q   ERR            Fo0D DU ILC] 115 [Dumcory          EXC 
   W E'rrard Edmund C. grocer, 343-345 W. Scott, h same. 
 W  Errard Israel, h 345 W. Scott. 
 Z   Errard Joseph E. h 345 W. Scott. 
O0   ERVING THE, William E. Ross, prop. 162-168 S. Main. 
T O Eskridge Frank E. mech. h 402 Walker. 
IL 0 Estabrook C. Earl, student, h 463 Forest av. 
   " Estabrook Cemetery Association, i8 W. ist. 
     Estabrook Charles H. h 463 Forest av. 
 -'Estle Thomas, condr. Soo Line, h 139 E. Ist. 
     Etter Charles H. lab. h 293 8th. 
  t  Eudemiller Johanna (wid. Sebastian) h 362 Grove. 
  iA# Eustis Elizabeth A. (wid. Joseph S.) h 309 E. ist.           4 
     Eustis Marie, teacher Franklin school, h 3o9 E. 1st. 
 E vans Charles J. brakeman C. & N. W. h 510 Washington.       5M 
     Evans Christopher, mach. hd. h 146 S. Hickory. 
     Evans Earl, baker, 22 N. Main, h 63 Doty. 
     Evans Edmund S. cattle buyer, h I87 Military.                0 
 E vans Ellery (30) died May 13, 1913. 
     Evans Frank, h Catholic Home. 
                    A NEWSY NEWSPAPER                           C 
    =S Reporter Want Ads Paw                     P6=on 691 
E vans Irene Miss, h 146 N. Brooke.                               0 
S    Evans John, clk. h 146 N. Brooke. 
f    Evans John W. painter, h 126 E. Ist. 
     Evans Katherine M. teacher Franklin school, h 146 S. Hickory.  >
     Evans Mabel K. teacher Lincoln school, h I15 Forest av. 
     Evans Owen R. engnr. Grafton Hall, h 63 Doty.                U 
Evans Pearl Miss, h 126 E. ist.                                   r 
     Evans William, cement wkr. h 146 N. Brooke.            PU 
     Evenson Henry, tmstr. h 125 Walnut. 
   w Everling Charlotte (wid. John) (55) died April 12, 1914. 
   Everling William H. sales, 42 S. Main, h 14 Doty.            * 
   i Everson Emmet, mach hd. h 245 5th. 
   - Everson Emmett H. lab. h 2 S. Seymour. 
   Everson Phoebe A. Mrs. h 2 S. Seymour.                       Z 
 1. Ewen John (69) died Mar. I1, 1914. 
    Excel Candy Co. (A. W. Buch, A. E. Haberkorn, X. D. Frisque)  P 
 -      86 S. Brooke.,, 
    Excelsior Spruce Beer Co. (Mrs. M. A. O'Halloran and Thomas _ C 
        Finnegan) 235 E. 2d.                                    q 
                  troteet T~u Iaw~uon s by P*.toet 
    MORSELL, KEENEY & FRENCH                   "o Pa"' 
    Patent Litftaion-A. L. MorseI, 814 Mmiowte Nidi. Milwaukea, Wi. 

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