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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Fond du Lac directory: E],   pp. 110-115

Page 112

     CHEESE PRESSES                        MILK CANS 
     CHEESE VATS                         IAR W R S WEIGH CANS 
264EGB             FOND DU LAC] 112 [DinmOTOnY         EIT 
Sý Egbert James B. grocer, 152 Western av. h same. 
    Egethoff Amelia Miss, h 90 E. 1st. 
 1ý  Egelhoff August C. (G. A. Egelhoff & Co.) h 70 E. Johnson.
 ý<  EGELHOFF G. A. & CO. (August C. and Otto G. Egelhoff)
 i,    shoes, 87 S. Main. 
 '4.4 Egelhoff Leona Miss, h go E. ist. 
 * Egelhoff Otto G. (G. A. Egelhoff & Co.) h 235 S. Marr. 
 Egeihoff Wilhelmina (wid. George A.) h go E. ist. 
     Eggers Cecelia (wid. George) h 158 E. Rees.               0 
  Eggers Frank, tmstr. h 220 N. Bell. 
  it Eggers George, carp. 38 S. Main, h 182 E. Rees. 
v    Eggers Herbert, driver, 24 E. Division h e. s. N. Seymour nr. to 
        limits.                                           CD 
     Eggers Herbert, tmstr. h e. s. N. Seymour, nr. limits. 
irEggers John, car rep. h 182 E. Rees. 
,    Eggers Kate (wid. George) h 228 8th.                       ] 
, Eggers Mary (wid. Frank) h 287 S. Main. 
     Eggert Emma K. Miss, h 305 Linden. 
,ZS Eggert John W. agt. Fred Miller Brewing Co. h 305 Linden. 
          fCA3                 , Dry Goods, Carpets, Rugs, 
                                Curtains, Lamps, Crockery,  t~ 
                                     Cloaks, Furs, Suits. 
  Eggert Louise Miss, h 305 Linden. 
471E hert Edward, foreman, 22 N. Main, h 375 Emma. 
     Ehlen Henry, foreman, h 456 W. Scott. 
 c   Ehlenbeck William D. foreman, h 51 S. Hickory.       >." 
 uLiEhlers Anna D. Miss, h 375 Linden. 
 - Ehlers Peter J. h 375 Linden. 
 W0 Ehlert Paul, lab. h 402 Grove. 
    Ehret Edward J. baker, h 375 Emma. 
     Ehret George, loco. engnr. h 241 S. Main.                   S 
     Eichler Ervin R. tmstr. h 173 S. Marr. 
C    Eichman Clara L. bkpr. 74 S. Main, h 164 E. ist. 
Eichman Martha M. nurse, 164 E. ist, h same. 
o    Eichman Mary A. (wid. Gustav) h 164 E. Ist. 
C= Eiden Frank, mach. 19 4th, h Union House.              09. 
,    Eilers William R. mach. h 409 Bannister.                  z 
Eimer Edna, instr. High school, h 20 Algoma.              M 0 
     Eisenman John A. mach. 35 3d, h 17o E. ioth.         00 
     Eiteuner Amanda E. h 391 Military. 
     Eiteuner Jacob L. tacker, h 39B Military. 
     -~   ~     ~~f        A.a Estte Schuchardt Ph...-' T 1707; 
     Real Estae              BUYS. SELLS AND RENTS To 
                            ADVANTAGE TO HIS CLIENTS 

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