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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 85

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     Y      lvi     ..A       .   Separately .    Begin Today 
 ', 'CHA            FOND DU LAcd 85 [DEaCroRy            CHR AD 
     Chase William, carp. h 8o E. Arndt. 
 " Chase William C. Jr. electr. 15 N. Main, h 278 Doty. 
     Checki William, helper, h 8 S. Main. 
    Chegwin Rose B. teacher Bragg school, h 146 S. Marr. 
   , Chegwin William, clk. 145 S. Main, h 146 S. Marr. 
   . Chegwin William J. furniture, 145 S. Main, h 72 3d. 
     CHENEY CHARLES A. dentist, 2d fl Haber blk. 18 Forest av. 
   h 124 S. Union. 
   Cheney Seymour H. sheet metal wks. 26 E. ist, h 202 Military.  
     Cherolas George, lab. h 17 John.                        __ 
     Chess Louis, sheet metal wkr. 47 3d, h Park Hotel.          ! 
     Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. J. T. Armstrong, agt. pass. M
         depot 46 Forest av.; freight depot 38 W. Ist. 
 Chicago & North Western R. R. Frank E. Langer, agt.; freight Co* 
         house 175 W. Division, pass. station e s Brooke bet. Forest 
   "     a. and W. 2d. 
   0 Chervalos Peter, lab. h 112 8th. 
o Chitterling John, h Ioi E. Arndt. 
Q    Choate Bert L. teacher, h 42 South. 
     .Bonds and Real Estate Mortgages at Tlhe 
   ) Choate Llewellyn, engnr. Soo Line, h 42 South. 
   E Cholis George J. lab. h 183 W. Johnson.                    D 
4 Christ Adela, student, h ii3 W. Follett. 
     Christ Edward, cement contr. 598 Military, h same. 
C Crist Fred, foreman, 22 Sheboygan, h Korrer Hotel.             - 
   s Christ Herman F. clk. 140 S. Main, h 57 E. ioth. 
;M   Christ Kate Miss, h 512 Military. 
- -Christ Lena Mrs. h I13 W. Follett. 
   P Christ Victor, mach. opr. h 62 N. Union. 
   4 : Christel William M. tel. opr. Soo Line, h 231 S. Marr. 
   ' Christensen Wallace, lab. h 269 E. Merrill.               -3 
     Christian Science Reading Room, r42 S. Main. 
   . Christian Thomas H. city editor Reporter, h 136 E. Merrill.  2. 
   42 Christiansen Albert E. transfer clk. Am. Ex. Co. h 439 Ellis. 
0. Christiansen Anton, sewer contr. 439 Ellis, h same.         = 
=    Christiansen John, blksmith, h 123 Dix. 
   Christiansen Matie, bkpr. 32 N. Main, h 439 Ellis.           r 
  SChristie David, boilermkr. h 284 Superior. 
  . Christie Joseph, tanner, h 148 N. Main.                    C. 
    9AOEN            LI   R  GO.       Mn St.   .       "     4 

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