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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 84

    W1en you are laid up at home or at the Hospital, THE TRAVELERS 
    ACCIDENT AND HEALTH POLICY will pay your expenses. See 
    Jay P. McDermott, Special Agent, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  q 
eClA              FOND Du LAc] 84 [DIRECTORY         CHA- 
'Z| 1Chandler Fred S. bkpr. Wadhams Oil Co. h 70 N. Park av.   r" 
lto Chandler Kate Mrs. h 271 7th. 
UV zChandler William, mach. hd. h 271 7th. 
E| <Chandler Maria (wid. Charles) h 70 N. Park av. 
   "-Chanes Nicholas, mach. hd. h 12 N. Main. 
 OlgChapin Albert, finisher, h 163 Hoyt. 
 r. Chapin Hiram W. carp. h 436 N. Brooke. 
 ,Zcd Chapin John L. carp. h 399 E. Ist. 
 ,-IChapin William, lab. h 264 Fond du Lac av. 
 _c6Chapin William H. h 369 E. ist. 
 -CHAPLEAU FRED T. saloon, 153 S. Main, tel. 383, h 154 W.= 
        2d, tel. 548. ,                                  m...q 
    Chapleau Thomas (71) died Aug. 27, 1913. 
    * Chapleau Willard G. carrier P. 0. h 540 S. Main. 
0   Chapman Earl H. lab. h 364 E. Ist. 
    Chapman Frank L. h 517 Portage. 
O   Chapman Grant, h 463 Portage. 
    Chapman Lemuel F. lab. h 443 Portage.                        0 
    Chapman Lucy A. (wid. Almond) h 91 E. Merrill.               - 
                                         UNDERTAKERS M 
                                         and LICENSED ýý 
--Hardrove &, Gordon 
          ~EMBALMERS R 
    Chapman Nancy Miss, h 517 Portage. 
    Chapman Walter A. sec. Berry Rail Clamp Co. h 393 Linden. 
    Chapple Elizabeth (wid. James) (83) died Feb. 1O, I914. 
w Chapple George J. mach. hd. h 325 6th. 
    Chapple Joseph J. student, h 325 6th.                    C 
    Chase Carolyn E. student, h go Sheboygan. 
Chase Carrie B. corsetiere, 8o Sheboygan, h same. 
W   Chase Charles, painter, h 86 E. Arndt.               rj 
    Chase Clifford, painter, h 393 W. Division. 
    Chase Edna, music tchr. 8o Sheboygan, h same. 
(f Chase Edwin C. boiler mkr. h 461 Linden. 
    Chase George, del. clk. 8 S. Main, h 86 -E. Arndt. 
Chase Harrison H. carp. h 393 W. Division.                   c 
(- Chase Howard R. mach. hlpr. h 8o E. Arndt.                C 
    Chase Leonard C. dry cleaner, 66 S. Macy, h 86 E. Arndt.  C 
ýChase Louis E. porter, 168 S. Main, h 39 E. ilth. 
Chase Lucius A. com. tray. h .15 Cottage av. 
    Chase Milton, painter, 86 E. Arndt, h same. 
Chase Stephen B. flagman Soo Line, h 188 Military.           C 
             COLLIS & KOCK              eal Estate, Loans 
    COLLINS              KLOCInvestments 

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