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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 82

     - IT PAYS 
     HILL BROS. 
        CAR O"~ DU L. 
     carkins Herbert E. engnr. C 
Carli Peter, mason, h 221 S. 
SCarlin Stanley 0. wire chief 
  jCarls see Karls. 
  ' <Carman Anna (wid. Edwar. 
0 J Carman Edward (37) died 
  I  Carmel Charles, peddler, h 
nw Carnehan George W. timekp 
L Carney Annie C. (29) died 
  I  Carney Elizabeth F. seamstr, 
  6 Carney James, h 57 S. Sibi 
  Carney John, h 307 Doty. 
  0 Carney Mary (wid. Edward 
     Carollo Alcide, porter, i Fg 
   Carollo Martino, saloon, 19 
O Carpenter Chas. lab. h 113 
  Carpenter Clifford, lab. h IS 
     Carpenter Dora M. (wid. S 
     Carpenter Frank I. com. tr 
                  TELEPHONE 15 
   '4Carpenter Manley A. saloon 
   SCarpenter Melvin F. barkpr. 
     Carpenter William, tmstr. I6 
Carr Calvin, h 22 7th. 
     Carr James, lab. h S. Main, 
Carr Jay, lab. h S. Main, s. o 
  Carroll Alexander, mnfr. h. 
    Carroll Daniel, h 173 Dix. 
Carroll Daniel, 381 E. Merri 
    Carroll Louise (wid. Williar 
    Carroll Margaret Mrs. elk. 6 
 Carroll Norman M. ry. mail 
    Carson Archibald G. supt. E 
! Carstens August L. whol. me 
    Carstens see Karstens. 
C arstensen Catherine Miss, 1 
   Carstensen Edward G. Jr. ci 
   Carstensen Edward J. carp. 
Carstensen Ole, h 119 N. Pa 
    0. C. STEENBEF 
    Car. Brooke and MeWilhams St.- 
               THE DAYLIGHT STORIE 
0c] 82 [Dnmciomu             CAR C-1 
* & N. W. Ry. h io6 Cherry. 
f, Wis. Tel. Co. h 165 Gillett. 
d) h 151 Forest av. 
Oct. I1, 1913. 
362 Portage. 
)r. 15 N. Main, h 265 S. Main. 
March 14, 1914.                   U. 
ess, 73 S. Main, h 307 Doty. 
) h 24 W. Cotton. 
orest av. h 63 Forest av.         k 
Forest av. h 63 Forest av. 
Mary's av. 
57 W. Rees.                      a1 
ilas L.) h 226 W. Arndt. 
iv. h 373 Grove. 
  J7X3       IsJ* TIMOTHY SEED     0! 
                 CLnVER SEED c 
  195 W. Division, h same. 
  123 S. Main, h 138 3d. 
3 W. Division, h 149 W. Division.   0 
s. of ry. tracks. 
f ry. tracks. 
254 Gillett.                        C 
n) h 81 E. Rees. 
54 S. Main, h 15 E. Follett. 
elk. h 276 E. Ist. 
  W. Ry. & Lt. Co. h 113 Dix. 
eats, i5o S. Park av. h same. 
1 211 E. Division. 
gar mkr. h 187 E. Rees. 
h 187 E. Rees. 
Lrk av. 
    6 Co. oors ad Windo.w Scroll Sawing 
OTORY     and stBuilders -     %ic 'E 
Fond du La- Busiess etablhed 1868 Toeehon*81 

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