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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: C],   pp. 80-95

Page 81

              Hebur MilingFlour, Feed, Seeds 
     Helmer Mill1ing Co, n l rh 
                                          141648 Fourth St., Fon dui Lac
     CAM            FoNw DuJ LAO] 81 EDu~c'roity        CAR8 
     Camp Richard, lab. h 613 Military. 
   SCamp Walter, lab. h 613 Military. 
   . Campbell Ellen, nurse, 156 4th, h same.               m 
0    Campbell John L. barber, h 227 7th. 
     CAMPBELL & HALVERSON          (Martin Campbell, Henry A.% 
   * !  Halverson) props. The Office Buffet & Grille, 146 S. Main. 
   Campbell Martin (Campbell & Halverson) h 36 E. Rees. 
     Candlish Carrie H. nurse, 70 8th, h same. 
     Candlish Frank D. (R. Candlish & Sons) h I8I 4th. 
     CANDLISH R. & SONS (Robert, William N. and Frank D.V 
   0     Candlish) undertakers, 147 S. Main. 
   f Candlish Robert (R. Candlish & Sons) h 7o 8th. 
     Candlish Robert H. student, h 70 8th. 
   Candlish William N. (R. Candlish & Sons) h 147 S. Main.       0___
   U Canniff Brownell, comp. Reporter, h 174 E. iith. 
   0 Canniff Catherine, mach. opr. h 177 6th. 
   _Canniff Clarence, del. clk. 17 Forest av. h 177 6th. 
4    Canniff Elizabeth M. laundress, h 177 6th. 
NCanniff Ralph E. agt. Am. Ex. Co. h 174 E. Ilth. 
=UN             T                  LADY ASSISTANT 
     171-178 NORTH MAIN STREET                   TELEPHONE 68; 
C    Canniff Roy C. carpet weaver, 177 6th, h same. 
amwCarberry Ella (wid. Joseph) h 124 7th. 
MCarberry James J. sales, Zinke Co. h 19 N. Union. 
L    Carberry Mary, instr. High school, h R. F. D. No. i F. D. L. 
A   Carboneau Richard, mach. h 369 North. 
"   ,Cardinal Leon, h 130 Walnut. 
=   Cardinal see also Kardinal.                                 V 
4    Caretto Mary, domestic, h 84 S. Hickory. 
C.*Carew James E. county clerk, Court House, h 89 N. Park av. 
,,-Carey Caroline F. (wid. Edwin A.) h II8 E. Division.          __ 
v    Carey Daniel E. supt. Harris Typewriter Co. h 246 Sheboygan.  5 
=    Carey Edwin A. student, h 118 E. Division.            =r-: 
sCarey Harriet M. Miss, h 118 E. Division. 
-    Carev House (Sullivan Bros.) props. h 41-43 N. Main. 
=   Carey Jerome, barkpr. 41 N. Main, h same. 
L    Carey John, h 89 E. Ist. 
C*Carey Margaret H. asst. 9 N. Main, h 166 1 
     Carey Marion, student, h 246 Sheboygan. 
-Carey Mary (wid. Andrew) h 237 S. Main. 
urotoot Lum ber UO. Hardwoo 
Doors, Mouldings, Fine Interior Finish  OA1 1,ΒΆ B AND 

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