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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: B],   pp. 52-79

Page 78

     IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                                   - 
 3   THE BUSY CORNER                       THE DAYLIGHT STORK 
   BUR              FoND Du LAcl 78 IDizTORy            BUS 
     Burmeister Henry, h 90 Warner. 
     Burmeister Henry F. (Zinzow & Burmeister Motor Car Co.) h t""
.*1:     258 Superior. 
     Burmeister Nellie Miss, h 90 Warner. 
 LLJ Burnell James, 'h Cat~holic Home. 
 rP Burnishe Alvina (wid. David) h 20 S. Union. 
 Burnishe Arthur, lab. h 20 S. Union. 
 --  Burnishe Edward, cement wkr. h 20 S. Union. 
 C   Burns Beatrice G. clk. Commonwealth, h 148 Marquette. 
e Miss, h 148 Marquette. 
y, painter, h 233 N. Main. 
H. car distributor Soo Line, h 42 Gould. 
erine (wid. Dennis J.) h 148 Marquette. 
se, waitress, The Erving. 
am, carp. h 43 S. Sophia. 
rore Matteson Mrs. mus. tchr. 46 Western av. h same. 
rroll R. sec.-treas. Harcum Fuel Co. h 46 Western av. * 
4 JOHN W. books and news dlr. 49 S. Main, h 269 i 
old Monouga-       a   rn    ii     a 
d Calumet Club    IVYflU           MIR 
Whiskey at 
hur W. (Kraemer & Burrill) h 184 5th. 
is M. lab. h 137 W. Cotton.                      z 
mma G. Miss, h 1O8 W. 2d.                       0 
mia J. sub. tchr. h 69 W. Arndt.             r: 
Harrison, demonstrator, 19 E. Ist, h io8 W. 2nd.  2 
.orge S. bicycle rep. 19-21 E. Ist, h io8 W. 2nd.  1V 
ettie Miss, h io8 W. 2d.                          C 
a, teacher, h 173 Sheboygan. 
rence J. lab. h 184 Griffith.                    0 
ietta (wid. Carlos) h 255 7th. 
ust, carp. h 112 8th. 
er C. gen. sec. F. D. Lac Business Men's Assn. h 
& Co. (Arthur L. Bush, Albert V. Broome) florists, 1 
r L. (A. L. Bush & Co.) h 86 E. Johnson. 
ence, condr. Soo Ry. h 86 E. Johnson. 
I. com. trav. h 73 E. Johnson. 
J. mess. h 73 E. Johnson. 
           f   WHOLBALE AND RETAIO. 3I5UGIsTS 
                 PAINTS. OILS, GLASS, SPICES. EM 

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