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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: A],   pp. 45-52

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: B],   pp. 52-79

Page 52

When you are laid up at home or at the HospitalTHE TRAVELERS 
ACCIDENT AND HEALTH POLICY will pay your expenses. See 
Jay P. McDermott, Special Agent, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.            q 
AVE             FoxD DU LAC] 52 [DIRECTORY         BAE 
Averbeck Harvey, brakeman C. & N. W. h 321 Bannister.          M 
  Averbeck Ida, clk. 64 S. Main, h 156 E. 2d. 
zAverbeck Laura, packer, h 321 Bannister.             -W4 
,Averbeck William, lab. h 321 Bannister. 
i-Averill Elizabeth (wid. Varanna) h 51 6th. 
       a.                     B 
@,IABAR Frank, h i4o Bannister. 
0LJ   Babar Fred, del. clk. h i4o Bannister. 
  Babar Gustav, lab. h 14o Bannister. 
  Babar Ida, forelady, h 14o Bannister.                       _ 
     - Babcock Fred E. ry. mail clk. h 83 Harrison pl. 
   * Babcock Sarah L. (wid. David) h 59 W. Follett. 
0 Bachman Adolph, h 428 Linden. 
     Bachman Edward, assembler, h 428 Linden. 
B achman Emma A. clk. h 428 Linden. 
     Bachman Henry, mach. h 428 Linden. 
     Bachman Mayme E. Miss, h 428 Linden. 
     Bachman William, electr. i8 S. Portland, h 428 Linden. 
  Hardgrove & Gordon aUNDERTAKERSED 
           a1X                                 LIENEEMBALMERS 
B achus Fred, lab. h 18 W. Arndt. 
A& Bacon John L. shoe ctr. h 210 W. Mierrill. 
    Bacon Martha J. (wid. Lorton P.) h 210 W. Merrill.        a 
b*  Bacon Mary G. forelady, h 210 W. Merrill.                   0 
    Bacon Penial, lab. Soo Ry. h 37 Gould.               08. 
j Bacon Roy H. trav. insp. h 95 W. 2d.                          0 
u   Bacon Theresa Mrs. h 78 S. Portland.                        0 
    Bacon William R. lab. h 210 W. Merrill. 
    Badger Aseneth (wid. James W.) h 487 Ruggles.             Z 
    Badger Cone Co. (Jacob J. Beukhof) 57 W. Arndt. 
    BADGER SEWING CO. T. E. Ahern, pres.; W. W. CollinsD-- 
Il      see.-treas.'; 20-24 E. ist. 
Badger Suspender Co. A. George and A. Kallell, props. 15 W. Ck< 
(       Division.                                        00 
    Baer Susie, seamstress 14 E. 2d, h 43 S. Sophia.          0= 
    Baetz George, lab. h 370 S. Marr.                    n C" 
Baetz Hermann M. lab. h 370 S. Marr. "A 
Baetz Leah G. (29) died June I5, 1913.                   (-c' 
    Baetz Louis G. chauf. h 370 S. Mtrr.                 0 0 
    CO[LISleKLOCK                          Estate, ans 
                                      Land Investments 

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