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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

[Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: A],   pp. 45-52

Page 46

    -        IT PAYS TO TRADE AT                          - 
i3  THE BUSY CORNER                     THE DAYLIGHT STORE 
a; ABE            FOND DU LAC] 46 [DIRECTORY        ADA 
.. Abel Otto (Abel Bros.) h 287 S. Main. 
I V Abel Rose C. Miss, h 256 Doty. 
5"3 Abql Thomas W. mach. shop, 262 Doty, h 256 Doty. 
    Abel Violet, domestic, h 26i Morris. 
LLJ Abele Josephine G. domestic, h 165 W. Johnson. 
C-0 Abler Alfred, student, h 62 N. Union. 
__J Abler Joseph, carp. h 423 8th. 
--J Abler Michael R. (Halfmann & Abler) h 62 N. Union. 
2 Ackerman Antoinette M. seamstress 19 Sheboygan, h 268 E. 
2       Merrill. 
Co Ackerman Barbara, elk. 64 S. Main, h 268 E. Merrill. 
C.  Ackerman Elizabeth H. (wid. James 0.) h 117 Forest av. 
LU Ackerman Fred, engnr. Soo Line, h 476 Linden. 
2   Ackerman Henry T. pressman 23 E. rst, h 268 E. Merrill. 
C   Ackerman Louise Miss, h 268 E. Merrill. 
Ackerman Marie, clk. 64 S. Main, h 268 E. Merrill. 
Ackerman Otto E. sales. 22 Forest av. h 268 E. Merrill. 
__  Ackerman Theodore, tanner, h 268 E. Merrill. 
I   Acord Leo, brakeman Soo Ry. h 319 Western av. 
C-  That good old Mononga-             nl 
~ orMs          hse tKU MMERW & MENG;E3 
    hela Rye and Calumet Club          U    &M 
'CSour Mash Whiskey at 
Adams Charles, h 478 W. Scott. 
=   Adams Edith, candy dipper, h 291 Ellis. 
C   Adams Ellsworth E. janitor, h 291 Ellis. 
  -kAdams Francis P. lab. h 478 W. Scott. 
WL   - Adams John, chf. engnr. 15 N. Main, h 66 W. Scott. 
    Adams John, window trmr. 52 S. Main, h 64 E. Johnson.     R,* 
    ADAMS JOHN W. gen. sec. Y. M .C. A. I6 E. Ist, h 267 Gillett.0 
    Adams Joseph, tanner, h 188 Walnut.                      3 
    Adams Josephine E. Mrs. h 300 S. Main.              -l 
    .0 Adams Lillie Miss, h 478 W. Scott. 
    kAdams Malinda C. (wid. E. Dennis) h 12o E. ist. 
 4 MAdams Nettie (wid. Frank) h 68 N. Main.: 
 o vAdams Stella, mach. opr. h 88 N. Waupun. 
   t Adams Thomas, butcher, h 68 N. Main. 
   !VAdams Wilbur C. carp. h 290 S. Marr. 
.   Adamson Alfred B. assessor of incomes, lawyer, 8, 93 S. Main, 
        h 219 4th. 
   1 Adamson Edith Miss, h 219 4th. 
            James, chef Palmer House, h same. 
                            WAdamsoALE AND RETAW. DRUGGISTS 
    The    Huber Bros.        BOOKS. STATIONERY, WALL PA!, 
                              - ,  PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, SICES 

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