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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: miscellaneous information,   pp. [15]-[44]

Page 23

 Citizens State Bank, The-Incorp. 19i1; capital and surplus 
     $105,000; F. J. Wolff, pres.; A. J. Pullen, v-pres.; A. L. Car- 
     stens, 2d v-pres.: J. P. Kalt, cashier; E. L. Rxchardsn, n,Ist 
     asst. cashier; F. W. Gillett, 2d asst. cashier; 6x S. Main. 
 Cole Savings Bank-Incorp. I89i; capital $5o,ooo; A. E. Cole, 
     pres.:V W. C. Reinig, v-pres.; W. 1. Cole, cashier; T. C. 
     Rosenthal, asst. cashier; 32 S. Main. 
 Commercial National Bank-Incorp. I9oi; capital anwl surplus 
     $2oo,ooo; H. R. Potter, pres.; Henry Boyle, v-pres.; A. G. 
     Bechaud, 2d v-pres.; M. T. Simmons, cashier; F. A. Boyd, 
     asst. cashier; 91-93 S. Main. 
 First National Bank of Fond du Lac-Incorp. 1855; capital, 
    surplus and profits $215,ooo; J. B. Perry, pres.; E. R. Her- 
    ren, 1st v-pres.; J. C. Fuhrman, 2d v-pres.; Ernest J. Perry, 
    cashier; Charles J. Breitzman, asst. c~hier; 56 S. Main. 
 Fond du Lac National Bank-Incorp. 1887; capital and surplus 
    $250,000; G. A. Knapp, pres.; J. A. Merryman, v-pres.; 
    T. C. Ebernau; cashier; J. L. Gormican, asst. cashier; 55 S. 
Ahern David & Son Co.-Iricorp. 19o6; capital $5,ooo; David 
    Ahern, pres.; Edward F. Ahern, see.-treas.; 2r S. Main. 
Ahern T. E. Co.-Incorp. i9o4; capital $4oooo; T. E. Ahern, 
    pres.-treas.; W. W. Collins, v-pres.; C. M. Dyckhoff, see.; 
    51-53 S. Main. 
American Chemical Co.-Incorp. igoi; capital $24,00o; M. K. 
    Reilly, pres.; J. J. Gromme, v-pres.; M. Fitzsimons, treas.; 
    J. P. Reilly, sec.-mngr; 350 S. Main. 
Badger Sewing Co.-Incorp. 1898; capital $50,000; T. E. Ahern, 
    pres.; W. W. Collins, sec.-treas.; 20-24 E. Ist. 
Baker A. P. Agency-Incorp. 1912; capital $io,ooo; A. P. Baker, 
    pres.--treas.; D. D. Sutherland, v-pres.; Leo. N. Richter, 
    sec.; 91-93 S. Main. 
Bechaud Brewing Co.-Incorp. 1891; capital $5o,ooo; Adolph 
    G. Bechaud, pres.; John B. Bechaud, v-pres.; Frank H. 
    Bechaud, sec.-treas.; IO8-Ii2 S. Macy. 
Berry Rail Clamp Co.-Incorp. i909; capital $50,ooo; M. B. 
    Helmer, pres.; Win. Berry, v-pres.; W. Chapman, sec.; 
    Jacob Gerhard, treas.; 66 S. Macy. 
Boex-Holman Co. The-Incorp. 1905; capital $Ioo,ooo, J. H. 
    Holman, pres.; J. A. Holman, v-pres.; E. B. Hutchins, 
    sec.-treas.-gen. mngr.; 79-83 E. Ist. 
Briggs Electric Co.-Incorp. 19o8; capital $I5,OOO; A. R. Keat- 
    ing, pres.; W. G. Taylor, v-pres.; Wilford F. Briggs, see.- 
    treas.; 18-2o S. Portland. 

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