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Wright's Fond du Lac Directory: including North Fond du Lac for 1915-1916 ...

Wright's Fond du Lac directory 1915: miscellaneous information,   pp. [15]-[44]

Page 17

NO. 27-Thirteenth and Main. 
No. 28--Eleventh and Ellis. 
NO. 3 -Clinton and Scott. 
NO. 32-Doty and Sibley. 
NO. 33-Moore & Galloway saw mill. 
NO. 33-Moore & Galloway office. 
NO. 34-Engine House No. 3. 
NO. 35-Waupun and Division. 
No. 36-Rees and Doty. 
No. 37-Table factory, W. Scott. 
No. 38-Waupun and Portage. 
No. 39-0. C. Steenberg Co. 
No. 41-C. & N. W. Ry. freight house. 
No. 42-Forest av. and Brooke. 
No. 43-Western av. and Oak. 
No. 44-Twelfth and Morris. 
NO. 45-Military and Fulton. 
No. 46-Bechaud Brewery. 
No. 47-Western av. and Military. 
No. 48-Forest av. and Warner. 
No. 52-Grove and Hickory. 
No. 113-Park av. and E. Arndt. 
No. 122-Sheboygan and Portland. 
No. 123.-First and Portland. 
No. 3I4--Clint o us an NSot.5 
No. 125-Engine House No. i. 
No. 138-Corner Thomas and Butler. 
No. 141-Lewis and Brooke. 
No. 7--Union School, First and Union. 
                   Board of Education. 
President-W. 1. Cole. 
Vice President-E. A. Hanks. 
Superintendent-Junius E. Roberts. 
Clerk-J. F. Hohensee. 
                 School Commissioners. 
First Ward-A. J. Beaudreau. 
Second Ward-John Henney. 
Third Ward-Fred Frazier. 
Fourth Ward-B. T. Rogers. 
Fifth Ward-Fred Krumm. 
Sixth Ward-Gek . J. WEormn. 
Seventh Ward-G. W. Hirth. 
Eighth W-ard-H. C. WVerner. 
Ninth Ward-E, A. Hanks. 
Tenth Ward-Aug. P. Ruh. 
Eleventh Ward-W  . 1. Cole. 
Twelfth Ward-John P. Hess. 

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