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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Decker, John W.
The cheese factory,   pp. 206-212 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 207

bees that a great many small factor-
lea have been started. In Canada they
make up 20,000 to 30,000 pounds of
milk a day; they keep their cheese
so tlat they ship a month's make
at a time, and there will be one or
two carloads of cheese going out,
and cheese that is uniform; not only
is it all the same from the
same factory, but it is the
same   from   the   next  factory,
built. The whey does not go back
in the milk as. At most of thee
factories it is left and fed to hogs,
that are kept in barns a suitable dis-
tance from the factory, and it Is fed
sweet, so that they get the full feed-
ing value of the whey and the cans
are not contaminated.
Poor Xakeru-DhrtY Factorle.
Now, let ua look at our own fac-
ChaA'%XXLStratin9\v r tsf %AonSU1RLvn Ot UJ"%.
SXOW;R9~ ~   ~~~ sOtmf titcotrom U.5S GQa& - *
d tkoYlan' sn t~ousnna ot tons XortCA iawcs r 4a
to i&g5 i 1tkbvm.t&&t\8 tvBuesis~va
and the result is that they have tories in this state. They are al-
large quantities of cheese that is most all small factories. The object
just alike, and when it goes to Eng- has been to cut down the price for
land and the conswmer gets a piece making, and many times the makers
that he likes, he knows he can go could not atford to make for a cer-
back to the dealer and get more just tain amount, and where they have
like it. The factories in Canada are refused to come down. the farmers
better built and equipped. A model have built factories to run in op-
factory costs $5,500 or $6,000 such as position to them. They have hired
the Tavistock factory; the Blue Vale a cheese  maker who has worked
factory cost $3,800, and  these two maybe two or three weeks or posE1-
factories have been models after bly a season, because he will work for
W4* CoW       factqtIqs boys bere IM Woney; they tow bbe fr tVb4
J o R Tv
L ,
,Arm                     77-7
.       -o--.

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