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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Imrie, John
The co-operative creamery,   pp. 202-205 PDF (1009.6 KB)

Page 205

DICUSKION,                         305
penses and delivering it &t our atm- pay him $75 a year, and I tell you
ion, Dur ad.              -       he eans it.
on.What do          you  charge   Question-What do you pay your
these who   have not stock in your butter maker?
comp ny       v    tri IMriel-Afty dollars when we
cr. aiey  u t the    m    as the  re not getting a larger intake than
.tockholders     th5,500 pounds a day. As moon as it
Question-Then they have n ad- reaches above that we allow him $12
Quest gover Tho e  they have an the a month more, and that will pay for
vantage Over those 'that are in the a boy to help in the creamery.
company.                            Mr. Thorp-How     many dissatis-
Mr. Imrie-They get nothing back lied patrons have you?
from the sinking  fund, remember,   Mr. Imrie-We have not one. The
if they haven't any stock.       first year we sometimes heard a
The   Chairman-The   stockholder word  of fault-finding, here  and
has no advantage except the inter- there, but our general manager had
eat on the investment,            lots of patience, and he would in-
Question-Where does the 12 per vite them  right to his place to ex-
cent. come from?                  amine the books that were open to
Mr. Imrie-From this sinking fund. everybody. He took a great deal of
Question-What do you pay per pains in explaining to the patrons
hundred for milk?                 the workings of this factory, and
Mr. Imric-If we are getting 20 now the faultfinding has stopped.
cents a pound on a test of four per  Question-What would your ad-
cent. tht will bring 80 cents a hun-    be in regard to running a
dred.                             creamery; would it be to run it on
Question-What did the patrons the co-operative  plan, or the indi-
get per hundred last year?        vidual?
Mr. Imric-Somewhere about 58      Mr. Imrie-Well, of course I may
or 60 cents the year around. You be a little partial. We have tried
ee part of the time we got 21 1-2 both ways, but we found this out,
cents a pound for this butter fat, that no matter what private cream-
and as a general thing  it tested cry we sent our milk to, we far-
about 4 per cent. right through. We mers had to pay for the hauling, and
had a little less than that price in for the making to the butter maker,
the summer time, but we got so for the transportation of the butter
much more of an intake that it coat to market, and for the use of some
us less to the pound.             man's brain for doing our own bus-
Question-How   much skim   milk iness for us. We made up our mind
did the patrons get back out of a that if there was anything in it, any
hundred pounds?                   profit, we would try to get it, and if
Mr. Imrie-We    have a rule to there was any loss we would try to
measure that by; I couldn't say ex- be men enough to stand it.
actly. They get a certain amount    Question-What   is the  average
and it comes out almost exactly cor- Price for  making butter in  your
rect; they get it all back.       part of the state, Mr. Chairman?
Question-What do you pay your     The Chairman-About four cents;
manager?                          that pays for the transportation and
Mr. Imrio-This ye9r we voted to shrinlkage,
-1-- , -

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