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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Taylor, F. W.
Russia,   pp. 150-153 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 152

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turn from the awful campaign he
made into that country.
From Moscow we went to Nijmi Nov-
gorod, which in one respect is the
most interesting city in Russia, be-
cause here is to be seen the old yahr-
mart or fair, where every year several
million dollars worth of goods ex-
change hands.
A Visit to Tolstoy.
Passing along through the country
I went down the great Volga river,
the greatest river system in Europe,
draining a large part of European
Russia. We stopped at the various
ports along the river, but can not
speak of this trip at this time. I will
speak only of one little visit I made,
before 1 stop, and I speak of this be-
cause it was to a man who is inter-
eating, not only to myself, but to
many people, a great man, Count Tol-
stoy. 1 was very desirous of calling
upon Tolstoy, but 1 had no special ex-
cuse for doing so until I happened to
run across a couple of American gen-
tlemen who had been studying in Ber-
lin. I arranged to accompany these
gentlemen on a visit to Tolstoy. We
went a hundred and eighty versts or
about a hundred and twenty miles
south of Moscow to the ancestral
home of the Tolatoys. As we drove
through the beautiful gateway we
heard words that sounded very famil-
iar and very pleasant, because they
were English. A gentleman came to
meet us and said, "How do you do,
sir?" My friend answered him, intro-
duced himself, and after some little
conversation he volunteered to go in
and see if we could see Tolstoy. In a
little while he came back saying to my
friends, "You may come in since you
have books for Tolstoy, but I am very
sorry the other gentleman will not be
able to see him, he is quite ill." This
made me feel very badly, but I put in i
the next few minutes in taking some ,
pictures of the house and surround- i
ing, and just as I sat down to rest
under a tree a very bright young
lady came along, and as she came by
she said, "low do you do, air. I am
Miss Tolstoy," speaking Eng4sh very
perfectly. After a little while she
asked I[ I had had any refreshments
and when I said "No," she called to a
serving man who went and brought
some refreshments for us. While he
was gone I heard quite a commotion in
the back yard. I looked out that way
and saw a horse tied to a post, which
seemed to be having a good deal of
trouble. On starting up to see what
was the difficulty I saw that in fight-
ing the flies, he had gotten his right
hind foot into the stirrup, and he
didn't seem to enjoy his condition
very much. I went toward him and
released him. Miss Tolstoy Said, "Oh,
don't go near him," but I did go near
him and removed the stirrup from
his foot and let it down. Miss Tolstoy
said, "I don't like to have you do
that" I said, "I have always been
used to horses; there were plenty of
them where I was born and bred, and
I am not afraid of them." I maw
there an opportunity  to increase
my acquaintance with her, and I told
her a little story of an Irishman
whose horse caught his foot in the
stirrup, and Pat immediately began to
dismount, saying, "Bedad, if you are
going to get on I will get off." Miss
Tolstoy very kindly smiled, and very
evidently thought it was a joke. She
began to ask some questions, and I
happened to have in my pocket some
pictures which I had taken down in
old Mexico, which I showed to her and
she seemed to be much interested.
Pretty soon she said, "Would you like
to see my father?" I maid, "Certainly I
would, but if he is ill I would not like
to intrude." She went in and came
back in a minute and said, "You may
come in and see him." I immediate-
ly acepted the invitation and was led
into the presence of this man whom
we all know perhaps better than any
Dther Busian. I spent perhaps an
hour in talking with him, and I wA
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