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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Stahl, John M.
Rural mail delivery,   pp. 142-144 PDF (773.8 KB)

Page 144

-  -.-I
want to be fair to the raiiroie men
I have rather a wide acquaintance
among them, and I know of no clam
more progressive or hone t, or patri-
otic; but I must mar that according to
all the evidence the $29,000,000 that
they get for carrying the mails is
about $15,000,000 too much. I do not
blame the railroad men for getting all
they can, but I do blame the people
who elect the senators who pa  much
bills. I haven't a particle of pity for
the farmers who have to plod through
the dust and mud to get their mail a
long am we elect senators of this kind,
as, long, for instance, as the great ag-
ricultural dates of Ilinois and Iowa
have not a mingle genuine farmer in
either branch of congress. The
trouble with the farmer is, he is too
modest, he won't demand his rights;
farmers will never get their rights
until they mend their own friends to
congress. Why shouldn't the mail
be delivered to the farmer just as
much as to anybody else?
What Can the Farmer Do?
Now, what can you do, what can
every farmer do to help along rural
free mail delivery? You can do just
one thing; write letters to your con-
gressmen and senators in favor of it.
They probably will not pay any at-
tention to the letter in the way of a
reply-they will be too busy for that-
but you need not worry that they will
not rad tao. lettera and eSoner
them  The eongresman or the ma-
tor knows that the man who ham the
intelligence to write him to support
this bill or to oppose that, haa the in-
telligence and the idependenc to
vote against him if he does not do -
he should. When I began thim agita-
tion six yea  ago I met only ridleul.
My best friends told me I was a fool,
but now only one agriculturl pWr
opposes this rural free mail delivery,
and it would seem that the majority
of the farmers are in favor of it, and
in the discussion in the session of
1895-6 on this Post Office Appropria-
tion Bill many congressmen spoke on
this subject, and nearly half Of the
senators, and not one word in opposi-
tion to rural free mapi delivery was
said; they all acknowledged it ought
to come, that it was a question of only
a short time when it sh6uld come So
I hope you will write to your con-
gressmen and menators and let them
know that you are in favor of rural
free mail delivery. I know of nothing
that will do so much toward mklng
the people happy and prosperous as
rural free mail delivery-happy mad
prosperous because their prosperity
and happiness are founded, as they
must be, on a progressive and con-
tented husbandry.
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