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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Arnold, Alex A.
Prospects for profit in beef,   pp. 132-134 PDF (693.2 KB)

Page 134

for great additions from that quarter, plenty of sunlight, with pure water,
and if a large number of cattle are proper shelter, and a ration composed
raised they must come from cultivated largely of protein and minerals. As
[arms, that will only increase as they grow  older more carbonaceous
more farms are opened. The dairy foods may be added, so that at matur-
business must always be safe and ity or when finished off they may be
generally profitable, and whatever is fed a wide ration, composed largely
done in that line is in no way antag- of earbonaceous or fat forming ele-
onistic to good beef production, but nients. For best profits in the future
Lends to scarcity of the good beef ani- as in the past, the feeder must take
mals, therefore higher prices for the advantage of the early life of the
only kind of beef that pays for the mal when it is full of vigor and be-
making.                            fcre the muscles are rigid; this makes
the best beef. Finish them off rapidly,
Breed and Feed for Beef.      and when ripe, market. Profits often
To be profitably fed cattle must be come by reason of little expense in
intelligently  bred.  There is little the way of labor, food, and shelter,
chance for profits from a steer bred and in this regard the steer feeder
from a first class dairy sire and dam. an advantage. The grain fed to a steer
The valuable meats cannot be in the is sometimes worth as much as It
carcass. The tendency  to make the costs to fertilize the farm. Again the
butter fat in the milk centralizes in croppings should be left long to insure
the vitals, and when fattened appears good fattening grasses, thus keeping
in intestinal and leaf tallow, or In the pastures well mulched, nature's
bunchy excrescences on the carcass, best condition  to maintain fertility.
just the conditions to make them ob- The farmer who watches both ends of
jectionable. The well rounded, fat the business,-buys well and sells well,
all over, juicy beef, ripened quickly, -has gone a long way on the highway
having a soft, fluffy touch in the ani- to success. With these conditions
mal, is the kind that pleases the pal- considerations future profits may
ate of the connoisseur, and there is no fidently be expected. Buy, breed,
use trying to humbug the butcher with care for, and sell well, and a farmer
any other at long prices.          will be happy, and grow    to be a
broader man, his purse will be wider
Care of Beef Cattle.        as the years go by, and when he lets
go of his fragment of time, he can
The farmer should seek to build up leave with no pangs of conscience be-
the frame and muscles of the animal cause of  giving his brother the
in early life, by exercise, pure air, and dyspepsia.

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