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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Curtiss, C. F.
Sheep feeding experiments,   pp. 122-132 PDF (3.1 MB)

Arnold, Alex A.
Prospects for profit in beef,   pp. 132-134 PDF (693.2 KB)

Page 132

is worth as much or more than yours tion has been asked about grinding
and they are paying twenty per cent. I peas. I have not fed peas extensively
duty to cross the line and sell mutton but I think it would pay to grind
iJ your market at a profit. A ques- I pea crop for sheep.
ALEX A. ARNOLD, Galesville, Wis.
l    Some Important Statistics.
January 1, 1896, there were 16,137,-
586 cows and  32,086,400 other cattle.
January 1, 1897, there were 15,941,717
cows and 30,508,408 other cattle, a de-
crease in one year of 1,771,860 head,
or a decrease of 1.3 per cent. of cows
and 4.9 per cent. of oer r  cattle, a
heavy decrease of all kinds of cattle,
especially so of animals for the block,
thus showing that this production is
not keeping pace with the consump-
tion. Our population in 1870 was
38,558,371, cattle 25,484,100; in 1880
the population was 50,155,783, cattle
33,258,000; in 1890 the population was
62,622,250, cattle  52,801,907, and  in
1897, according to the same rate of in-
crease (about 1,200,000 per year), the
population must be about 70,000,000.
With an ircrease yearly in our popula-
tion of 1,200,000 and a decrease of
1,771,860 of cattle, it is easy to see
that the supply is not keeping pace
with the demand. Supply decreasing,
Idemand in creasing. Were most oX
ALEX A. ARNOLD.           these cattle cows the shortage might
quickly be supplied, but   not as
I am limited to "Prospects for Profit promptly as in the case of
In Beef." Experience has proved that swine. At present there is
"the hind sight is better than the fore- cow for each family of
and a beef
sight." However there are indications creature (of various ages)
that point to future profits in this two persons in our nation, and only
branch of farming (to my mind better cows enough to produce a young ani-
than in any other), it we wisely avail mal for every five yearly if all their
ourselves of the opportunities.    calves were iaised. With a Deef ait-

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