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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Powers, A. C.
Country roads,   pp. 115-121 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 119

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Mr. Haye-vohat would it cost a dation on earth for a stone road; the
mile to ax it as you advise, Mr. is nothing better.
Powers?                              Mr. Arnold-How   many cords of
Mr. Powers-SO far the three or four stone will a good crusher handle With
iles we have in the town have cost us a ten horse power, in a day?
from four to six hundred dolLars. at  Mr. powers-I could hardly tell in
that rate, but that is no comparison that way, but we can crush from 100
because we are not doing  enough of it to 136 yards in a day.
and-here is the greast of our ma- Mr. Arnold-And there are five yards
chinery standing still the  greater part in a cord; with us they crush as
of the -year. We are calculating on  as seventeen  cords of lime rock,
M00 a. mile in our plan, if we could do  twenty cents a yard would be good
this right jlong and get enough of it. pay, wouldn't it?
I was on a crushing plant last year  Mr. powers-Yea, a machine that had
where they were crushing gravel at any business to do could do work for
eleven cents a yard; that w3s the en- that This machine I spoke of did it
tire expense, taking it out of the bank for seventeen.
and crushing it, and putting it on the Mr. Brigge-What kind of gravel it
mrs, but they were doing it with a big this you speak of as crushing; is
plant                              coarse gravel, sand, or wheat?
Bupt. McKerrow-The last     three  Mr. Powers-Ours was taken right
years we have found we can crush lime off from the banks of the river. The
rock very cheap; that Was delivered better way to use it is to have  your
on the wagon at 26 cents per cubic machine put on a depression and run
yard.                              it off the hills with a wheeled scraper,
Mr. Powera-That would not make a and dump it right in. Your sand will
very expensive road. You see it takes run out; in some places they can util-
but little. It does not make a perfect ie a certain  amount of uadL. You
road, but it is a good deal better than get nothing but pure crushed gravel
mud. There has not been a day this from the machine.
winter that our road has not been as  Mr. Kellogg-Do you know the coat
good as this floor. The planks I spoke of crushing s.tone at Janesville?
of we use temporarily, then we take  Mr. Powers-No, I do not.
them out. There were about ten  or   Mr. Kellogg-Janesville has a very
twelve rods at a time, I think. You heavy roller and the crushing machine
asked about the preparing of this road. right at the quarry, and they are
The   first  road  we   made,   weng a great deal of this city graded
took atn runstraight through; wetput road; they are doing quite a business,
in eighty  rods, then we leveled it but I have not posted myself in regard
down, but I would prefer to level it as to the cost.
fast as we got it ready, because if you  Mr. Scot--I think that the ordinary
leave it long it is packed so hard it crusher will only crush about nine
makes harder work and will not pack ten cords a day, a ten horse power ma-
evenly.                            chine. They had a crusher in the vil-
Question-Do you roll?             lage of Rio for nine days and they
Mr. Powers-We never have, but it run it for nine hours a day.     it
would be the better way.            crushed eighty-one cords of stone and
Mr. Church-How deep do you lay they applied it to their road; it was
this gravel?                       ru nine days, about a cord an hour.
Mr. Powers-From    eight to  tea It was more than a ten horse power;
inches, according to what is below.  they had a twelve horse power engine
Mr. Church-I know of a good road on it, a heavy threshing engine.
of only four inches on sand.         Mr. Powers-if you were crushing
Mr. Powers-Band is the best foun- these hard heads, you would have to
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