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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Powers, A. C.
Country roads,   pp. 115-121 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 117

anmble   goodt     In round  numbers sal  I
there is odd to be 700,000 farmers in rock o
IllinoisIowa an d ois c onn. Now     this LI
lippol , that on the average there are ten In
ten loads of grain and produce to be
marktedand eedfuel and other ma- curbs,
marketed   n     ed                    ol
terial to be brought balk, say at a
oftodollars a load. M~acadamize each I
Of two                            b   ae
these roads and the same labor can
performed for less than one half the benki
cost, and this  saving                side I
would build 15,000 miles of good oa  se r
at an outlay of $M_00 a mile. Appl
this same rule to Wisconsin alone and woul4
adr an     ed   ue  n   term-crs
dolar alodoacdillOec
m rke  sadtt       aelao    a b    ae
e    eda fo  estatnehl         h    ok
buf      1500miewfoodrodsd
amarul toWiconin loe ed wul
there I
ten IC
terial I
Of two
the" I
cost, I
at an
this a
grade. We would draw crushed
r gravel upon the center line of
ighwy to the depth of eight or
ches, eight feet wide, placed be-
planks that serve as temporary
then with a road grader we
reinforce our stone work at
side twelve feet wide with earth
from the sides, making our en-
nent when completed 32 feet at
p, sloping gradually to the out-
gutter. For quite a portion of the
this outside part of your road
1d be flne for light driving and the
A Otline of 4 rod road with 8 ft. stone track.
B Grade Of hl".
C Distane around hill no greater than over it.
the saving in twenty years would build stone part for heavy traffie. Sucha
a atone road over every mile of high- rcad as this world be available at
way in the state and the saving in times, over which at all seasons of the
wear and tear upon vehicles would year the market of the cities would be
keep it in repair.                 accessible and protracted rains and
general break ups would be no terror
How to Build Country B0ads.     to the traveling public, and the weight
In building a road we would cut of the load be limited only by the
dawn all hills of any magnitude to an strength of the wagon.
IL         .                  -

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