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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Lehmann, A. W.
Poultry keeping on the farm,   pp. 102-108 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 106

Brown Leghorns have been very good heat above. Ycu must have bottom
about laying this winter.         heat to make a success with your
Question-Is this roup the same as chicken. They can lay down any-
cholera?                          where they want on that warm chlim
Mrs. Lehmann-Oh, no; they are ney and keep thoroughly warm     and
very different. I never had cholera when the days are wet they can stay
among my chickens, but they say that In there and not be let out at all.
the condition powders will cure it. you have a large warm room you can
There is a remedy that a great many always keep them there as contented
use and call it very good, and that ie as though they were out doors, and
common Venetian red in the food.  feeding the chickens they don't get
Mr. Meyer-How often do you clean all wet as they do in small brooders.
o(ut your chicken coops?          I find It the nicest way to raise them.
Mrs. Lehmann-I whitewash every I have ducks, geese, and turkeys all
spring and fall, and they should be in the same brooder. I have two of
cleaned every single week and plenty them about eight by sixteen feet and
of land plaster scattered around with the chimney runs clear through under
plenty of straw in it, the deeper the the floor and comes out above, making
better.                           the sand warm  all the way through.
Mr. Alsmeyer-Ilow does the chicken The floor is covered with sand, and it
manage to keep the pores open?    is masoned up around so the rats can't
Mrs. Lehmann-I use a dust bath get in; put your wall deep enough in
generally, and sifted coal ashes is very the ground.
gcod; they like it, and they will eat  Question-What make of incubator
'i good deal of ashes, too. Wood ashes do you use?
are very  api to make their crops   Mrs. Lehmanp-I like the Monarch
eat up.                            best. Do not get a cheap one under
Question-Do you always keep your any consideration; they are expensive
poultry confined?                 in the end.
Mrs. Lehmann-Oh, no; they have     Question-What do you use for the
large yards, and I let them r'in out red mite?
through the fields in the fall, but not  Mrs. Lehmann--I use a cheap cure,
in the summer time for they would do carbolic acid. I spray it all over the
too much  damage in the garden. I hen house and then I whitewash. I
have good yards for them.         take a pailful of water and put in a
Question-Do ycu have any trouble lalf pound of carbolic acid and a pint
with 'your Leghorns flying over the of kerosene; it comes at about fifty
fence?                            cents a gallon.  I take a common
Mrs. Lehmann-Yes, I generally have buggy pump that will throw the car-
to cut their wings.               bolic acid into every crack and crevice,
The Chairman-I saw you had a and then whitewash it with a little
homemade brooder that I thought a kerosene. That is sure death to them.
good deal of. Please describe it.   Mr. Curtis-You said that you must
Mrs. Lehmann-I have a homemade have bottom heat in order to make a
brooder, one of my own get up, and I success of your chickens. I have had
like it better than I do the small ones. something  to  do with  incubator
It Is built on a sidehill with a furnace, chickens, and we had a sort of
I have a little box stove and the chim- tion down east that bottom heat ts
ney runs through under the ground sure death.
the whole length of the brooder. It is  Mrs. Lehmann-It is not. They lay
filled with sand, the top of the stove down, along on the edges as contented
is covered with a pan filled with water as possible. I make a cover, with
and It is always warm. The trouble nailed around, making a square of
with a great many brooders is the top about two feet, and cover that with
rrw --               ,              9WIMM 1    . ,  I I IN  I

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