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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Lehmann, A. W.
Poultry keeping on the farm,   pp. 102-108 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 103

thin is furnished at its first cost, and For Instance, a goose weg ing t
give many  a   dollar for spending f     pound brnd 24 cents a pouneh
money, help many   boy   or girl to These egeee aere sold to Jers in neih-
get an education, give the wife many boring large cities. The liver, whieh
* luxury she could not have otherwise' gets to be ebnordnlleY  large, some
help to  buy the long-wanted pretty weighing three and    one half pounds,
cloa or new gown. and bring rosy considered a great luxury, one liver
cheek to the wan, pale    e and cut selling as high as $2.50. All the larg-
d     tn the doctor's bills.  But you will eat cities of the United States
-"that means work;" yes, but what tute a market  for thes
e geese
do we do that we make a success of, year one  man  had  sxty-One geese
that does not mean work, steady work, weighing                   usenty-seven
 pounds apiece,
attention and willingness to do some- which brought him 27 cents a pounds,
thing regularly on  time, and thor. netting        him $444.69   Another
oughly.                            eighteen which brought him $86. These
are accurate figures, as I have endeav-
Ducks and Gees             ored to get the truth of the matter.
You can raise guaranteed fresh eggs
for market, stamp  them with  your                LUrke5
name, send them onto the market for  Perhaps one drawback to raising
just what they are, and it will not be early poultry near our small towns,
long before they are in demand at a unless we have a larger town for ship-
little more than the market quotations, ping to, is that the people in our
because they are  always good. One era states have not learned that poul-
farmer had over $300 a  year in that try  Is good  always as other meats,
way from   his poultry and eggs; an- and does not cost very much more, if
other sold $180 worth of geese. From any. We are all bound by habit, more
these geese he had all the feathers and or less, and poultry  is considered
16 geese left over, and he sold them  sort of holiday meat-  Consequently
all at market price.  He  took  90 just before these days the markets are
geese to market In his buggy. The   glutted and poultry goes down to al-
next day he took two large wagon most nothing; we lose money     on it
loads of hogs, and the two loads did and become discouraged. The rest of
not bring as much money as his wfe's the year poultry Is high and people
gcese, and he said he knew the hogs it as a luxury. You never lose money
ate twice as much corn. James Ran- on young and growing turkeys and
kin, of South Easton, Mass., says he chickens if you keep them until after
turns three or four thousand dollars the holiday$ are over. Tutkeys are
worth of grain every year into eight     eaters on the whole, and con-
or nine thousand dollars worth  of stantly growing until one year old, and
ducks. He has of course the great it costs no more to raise a good turkey
eastern market to supply, where they thar, it does a little one. They do
bring much higher prices than here. require the attention of other fowls
But there is no fowl that will grow as after they are feathered, so cost
fast as a duck or goose, and he mar- less care. I have learned by exper-
kets his ducks at ten weeks old, gets ience that the more you let a turkey
them out very early to catch the first alcne after it is big enough to hunt,
markets and high prices,           the better  it is   off. Feed them
The country tributary   to Water- regularly, let them roost out of doors,
town, Wil., is noted for its stuffed and they are a very bealtby fowL  If
geese  Anything weighing  seventeen it has been raining and they are all
Eonnds commards a price of a manywet, and it suddenly turns cold and
cents a pound as the goose         snows, drive them  under shelter, a
___    W--7r.
P, -7

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