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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Hatch, A. L.
Apple culture as a business,   pp. 52-55 PDF (1.0 MB)

Everett, C. H.
Swine for profit,   pp. 55-60 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 55

or  L w z49  " ' - i,  i I
made prompt sale of the whole at an It is a fine grower and very vigorous
advance of $26.50 for the car load. In tree in the orchard. It is to be grown
other words they were worth just as from five to ten years and then
much as the finest Duchess and $2.56 changed to produce such varieties as
per barrel more.                  Northern Spy, Newton Pippin, Spitz-
In the orchard my trees are hardy, enberg, etc., those finest quality Ap-
handsome, and productive, and I be- pies of all known. The vigor and
lieve in the Lubsk Queen as well as strength of the Switzer tree would
the McMaahan for the business or- improve these apples in maturity,
chard.                            quality and size, and also make them
A Valuable Combination,      more productive, hardy, and profit-
If I wanted to make a combinationae.
of three kinds to grow the greatest  The Apple a Northern Fruit.
amount of fruit in the first ten years
from  planting, I would take Yellow  The apple is a northern fruit, and
Transparent, Longfield and Wealthy. does not thrive so well in the south.
They will not only all bear young, I believe that for money making
but keep persistently at it, and if prop- there are many places in Wisconsin
erly handled there is money in them. where the apple is a surer, better in-
To the long headed business man vestment than   any other business,
there Is a world of splendid possibil- and second to few  other regions in
ities in the top grafted orchard. For the United States. In these views I
this use I know of no tree so prom- commend to your consideration the
ising of good results as the Switzer. business orchard in Wisconsin.
C. IL EV   rZrT, Beoit, Win.
Ladles and Gentlemen:-Supt. Me- no breeding; that he was better fitted
Kerrow said to me only a little while for the use that we intend to make
ago that I would have to take Mr. him, and that his powers of digestion
Wylie's place on this program and and assimilation seem to be stronger;
discuss this subject, and be brief. I he made more meat from  the food
ViII do the best I can.            that we gave him, and therefore was
This subject of swine husbandry is kept at greater profit. Accordingly I
one that I am interested in.  I pr  have kept nothing but pure bred
sume that you are, to a large extent. stock on the farm, simply because I
I like the business, because I have can keep them cheaper.  It costs a
been able to make some money out little more to start, but after you have
of the hog, and that is what we are started with pure bred stock, the ex-
after.                             pense is less.'
I will not stop to discuss the good
Value of Breed.           points of the hog in particular, be-
I early discovered, too, that a well cause it is not necessary,-or to talk
bred hog would feed at a greater to you particularly  about breeding,
profit than would one with littie or but more especially about the good

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