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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Taylor, F. W.
Apple growing,   pp. 43-52 PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 51

DISCUSSION.                          51
is planted, and the tree should be out; they even plant them thirty or
protected that first summer,      forty feet apart.  If you have the
Mr. Convey-Do you recommend nerve, I should plant the trees not
mulching apple trees? It is a common more than fifteen feet apart each way,
practice to mulch for the purpose of cutting out the north and south al-
delaying the development of the tree, ternate rows when they first come in-
at least that is the common impre- to bearing, and then cutting out the
dion of the result.               alternate east and west rows. I think
* Prof. Taylor-I know   it is. The all of the largest orchardists are
difference in the time of blossoming adopting that policy now.
between a tree mulched and one not  Mr. Edwards-Why is not rye straw
mulched is about fifteen minutes  good for protecting your trees, set up
Mr. Hayes-Wouldn't You take the around the tree and tied?
wrapping off and whitewash your     Prof. Taylor-It  answers   fairly
tree, or wash it with something in well; anything that will make it hard
the spring?                       work for the mice is a good thing, but
Mr. Kellogg-I wouldn't have a I am afraid the mice will get into        
wrapping; I would have a lath screen straw, in most eases.
that would let in plenty of air.    A Member-What was the cause of
Mr. Hayes-Don't you think it is a the failure of apple trees some years
good plan to take strong Iye and ago of which you spoke?
wash your tree every spring?        Prof. Taylor-The trees froze to
Mr. Kellogg-YOU  don't want the death, not because it was so extreme-
borers in there at all; you want to ly cold, but because of the lack of
shade your tree and they don't work water in the ground during the
in the shade.                      winter. There is nothing  so  abso-
Mr.  Boynton-ISn't it a common lutely necessary to a tree as water.
error to overfeed an apple tree with A dry season is very hard on them.
barnyard manure and isn't it just as  Mr. Kellogg-This discussion would
necessary to feed an apple tree as a discourage  the  boys  and  girls
beef animal?                      from   planting  apple  seed.  The
Prof. Taylor-Well, to a certain ex- facts are that Wisconsin has pro-   -
tent that is true, but with orchards duced some of the finest seedling ap-
planted on fairly good ground, the pIes in the United   States. Wolf
tree will pretty nearly take care of River, that took the two $10.00 prim
itself until it comes time to fertilize at New Orleans in competition with
for the fruit. I think it is a mistake the world, is proof of its value and
to push the growth too hard.       living monument to   William   A.
Mr. Boynton-We find it a good Springer, of Fremont, Wis., more
thing to apply ashes or other forms lasting than granite or marble. This
of potash.                         variety is catalogued by the best nur-
A Member-How far apart should series in the United States and Can-
apple trees be planted?            ada. Among   those  originating  in
Pro. Taylor-Most orchardists are Wisconsin, I will only mention, be-
following the plan of very close side Wolf River, N. W. Greening,
planting with the idea that a man Newell, Mclaban, Windsor, Ait,
will retain his senses in such a con- Eureka, Sweet Russet; there are
dition that when it comes time to cut twenty others that are claiming our
out trees he will do it, but a good attention, all very Promising.
many men refuse to plant their trees  The boy or girl who will save the i
thick, because they think they will seeds of hardy varieties of apples and
not have nerve enough to thin them  crabs will produce a better cla  of

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