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Luther, E. L. / Annual report of Department of Farmers' Institutes for year 1931-1932

The egg market of Superior,   pp. [23]-32 PDF (2.7 MB)

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Con of the essential factors for the success of an agency of this
type is that its costs must be kept at a minsl. fIlbi requires a well
planned organization4 capable management and a reasonably large volume
of business. Membership contracts will aid In a~suring the latter.
It is highly probable that satisfactory arrangement. can be mad with
the Twin Ports Oooperative D]iry Association to handle *es and poultry
on a cooperative plazn In connection with their dairy products. With thio
organization's present equipment az4 sales connections, an am oyp    l
of this kind would require a minimum of capital expenditure an should
make possible reamonably low operating costs. In fact, It Is doubtful
if the volume of eggs alone is sufficient to warrant an egg organisation
operating independently
The dairy association could act as a sales agency and distribute egg
and poultry together with butter and choose to the various retail agencies.
Ths management, offieg and sales expense could be divided on some pre-
arranged basis. Au arrangement of this kind will differ from the present
set-up In that local poultry and egg producers t 11 have their own asso-
ciation and their own pool.    ges and poultrywill carry their proportion'
ato part of any joint expense where other products are handled*.   qpbais
will also be placed on the elimination of present unsatisfactory conditions.
In the market, such as excess of duplication in service, and the practice
of some producers of selling to both the retail market and to the oonsuers.
Another feature of a program of this type should be the development
of a uniform packago and producers' brand. IV acquaintirg the con amer
with the source, quality, and manner in which these eggs are handled, it
would aid materially in developing a preference for these eggs, and, more.
over, It would likely prove an effeccive means of meeting the competition
from "house to house" sellers, who now use as their main
plea the
idea that their eggs are fresh and from nearby farms.
Inasmuch as eggs are frequently quoted to the producer at higher
prices In the uperior market than either in adjoining or other large
markets, developments of the kind suggested here may not refleot in
higher prices. Mbese changes should, however, reflect In improved ser-
vice to both the producer and the retail merohant, and should place on
the marke$ a large quantity of uniformly high grade poultry products so
that the conamer will know more accurately the quality of the product
purchased.   fo fact that members of this association will have a regular
outlet and an agency that will perform the service now performed by *eah
individual producer In selling and delivering these egs, will in Itself
be valued highly by many producers. It is significant that the present
duplications aud occasional price-cutting practices seem to be increasing.
An organization of the type suggested bore should aid In beeping an
orderly market.
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