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Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association / Transactions of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association for the year 1855; including the award of premiums at the annual exhibition, held at Milwaukee, on the 18th, 19th and 20th days of Sept., and the report of the convention, held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th days of September, etc., etc.

Winter fruits,   pp. [7]-18 PDF (1.9 MB)

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  MAT~nws-Tolerably thrifty; productive; an early bearer; qual-
ity, "s very good."X
   Recommended for general cultivation.
                     Canfleld's Sweet.
  BRAYToN-Trees attain the largest size; esteemed in Northern
Ohio as one of the most profitable fruits for market culture; will
probably prove valuable here; fine for baking.
  RTxzown-Tree a fine, upright grower; quality " good."
                     Talman's Sweet.
  COINGAt-Trees hardy and healthy root-grafted; one of the
best sweet apples.
  HAWLKY-Tlie meaneit apple in my orchard; always tough
and dry, fit onlv for baking and for stock.
  BAsszTT-Trees not perfectly hardy root-grafted.
  HaNFoaD-One of the best for baking and for stock.
  BRAYroN-Bears good crops; trees do not attain a large size.
  CHILD-My trees have made a fine growth and begin to bear
early; have not yet (7 years planted,) proved productive; fruit is
very sweet and rich, and keeps well.
  Recommended for general cultivation.
                    Broadwell Sweet.
  BsArvoN--My trees stock-worked; are very productive; quality
" very good."
                      Green Sweet.
  HANoRD -Esteem it highly; a very early bearer.
  BuAvTo -Tree a slow grower; hardy; productive; in quality,
superior to Talman's Sweet.
  RATsHuN-My trees were planted in 1847, fruited the first
time last season; the crop was small; fruit of good size and very
fair; the apples are still hard.
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