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Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association / Transactions of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association for the year 1855; including the award of premiums at the annual exhibition, held at Milwaukee, on the 18th, 19th and 20th days of Sept., and the report of the convention, held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th days of September, etc., etc.

Winter fruits,   pp. [7]-18 PDF (1.9 MB)

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      MR. BRAYTON moved that the resolution be
   amended by adding the         words, " to      those   that
   can afford to wait for the fruit." Amendment
   lost, and   original motion      carried.
    BRAYTON-Tree rather tender when root-grafted; does well
  stock-grafted; in season from November to.February; sometimes
  affected with bitter-rot in rich stiff soils; quality " best."
    HANFoaD-Tree hardy, good grower, early bearer; fruit always
  fair; quality "lbest;" soil a sandy loam.
    D. MATHIWS, Burlington-Tree very thrifty; somewhat spread-
 ing; hardy; promises to be very productive; fruited 5th year from
 planting; quality "very good."  Soil a sandy loam.
    CHILD-This variety is recommended in "the books" as fine on
 sandv soils only; mv trees growing on a stiff, heavy, (but dry)
 loam, have been planted seven years; they gave me during the
 past season, on an average, two bushels per tree, of the very finest
 fruit, some specimens being over eleven inches in circumferen
 think it will prove an early, regular and an abundant bearer;
 makes a fine open head, requiring but little pruning; unsurpassed
 in flavor; in perfection from January to March.
    Recommended for general cultivation on dry
                    Esopus Spitzenburg.
   HANFoRD-A tardy bearer, and in this respect, as objectionable
as Northern Spy. My trees are stock-worked.
  BRAYrON-Begins to bear in three or four years from  graft;
would not clasw it with Northern Spy; not an annual bearer; has
not at the West the character of a productive variety.
  SLOCUM-Has trees worked in various modes; in its bearing
qualities it resembles Northern Spy. My trees are growing on
sandy soil.

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